Why Tobey Maguire REFUSED Spider-Man- Until This

Did you know that Tobey Maguire TURNED DOWN the offer
to audition for Spider-Man when they asked him to?
Why would he do that?
I’ll tell you in a minute but first: 
An early Christmas gift for the first 250 of you!
Many of you know that I wrote a health book “Half Assed Health”, and I just opened an email from my friends Joel & Josh from BioTrust Nutrition. 
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I know, I know- I’m totally using the Tobey Maguire thing to tell you guys this, but really- Actors go to the gym, I go to the gym, and I love their stuff, so it’s relevant.
I was like “Ok guys, what’s the deal?” and it turns out that they just need testimonials and people to try it out. Since they knew I had the book, they figured they’d have e send it out.
Pretty incredible, as this is absolutely an extremely valuable, premium product from them, and I know the research behind it is pretty powerful, and completely SAFE, without stimulants.
The reason I brought up Tobey Maguire is that at first,
his agent thought he was too “nerdy” and skinny
to get the part for Spider-man.
So, they said no…
and months later, by the time the producers were closer to actually choosing the actor,
he had bulked up, burned fat, and looked a lot more like a superhero!
So maybe you want to try this stuff?
This story kinda blew my mind because I would think that they would just hire him, and then have him go to the gym and bulk up AFTERWARDS.
But it just shows that you have to be the part WHEN YOU AUDITION.
That’s why I like booking jobs where I feel like I’m “hardly acting” because I’m already LIKE the characters I like playing.
So- if you want to play super heroes- you had better hit the gym NOW!
If you want to know more about the Fat-Burner- read below:
The rest of this email is from them:
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Why Are These Guys Being THIS Generous? What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  It’s simple really… my friends at BioTrust Nutrition want to EARN your trust by PROVING to you that Metabo379™ works so you can begin experiencing the same fat-burning results that more than 75,000 Metabo379™ customers are already experiencing world-wide… for Free! 

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