What “Survival Jobs For Actors” Says About Your Career

Did you even know there was a book out there called:

“Survival Jobs For Actors” by Michelle Dyer?

I didn’t think you did!

But yes- it turns out that I am not the only person trying to help actos make money
instead of TAKING it like so many other “gurus” out there:


Michelle has her own business, and she began it with this book,
and she agrees that other actors should follow hers and my example!


“I actually followed his advice already in writing my book, and in building this website around it.

You see, people buy my book now without me trading time for it.
It’s already done. It’s out there, and people buy it.”

How’s THAT for a testimonial?

“Survival Jobs For Actors” by Michelle Dyer


If you’d like to start a blog, and get moving with this whole “make money without a day job” thing, then click below!

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