(Interview) How To Do FOUR Voice-Over Auditions In ONE HOUR

The internet is changing things.

As we keep moving forward in the world of entertainment, you have to keep up with the changes or get left behind.

Recently, a new course came out that teaches regular people how to make money doing voiceover work from home. Since this is a blog for actors, I have been very excited to tell everyone that not only can THEY do it- all without an agent- but that here is a course giving you a roadmap.

Aside from an informative post on voiceovers, I did a review of the course in a PREVIOUS BLOG POST

Some people were very excited, but other people, not so much.

I chose to interview a VOICE OVER PROFESSIONAL, who has booked several voiceover gigs, and let YOU decide if it’s something you’d like to pursue, or at least BUY THE COURSE and find out.

If you enjoyed that, you might want to CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT VO GENESIS IS ALL ABOUT.


To see George’s Voiceover demo: http://www.georgetrahanis.com/voiceover.html

(The addiction one is my favorite, in “Commercial”)

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