The Treadmill Is Stealing Your Sexiness

I know, I know, a Shocking title.

But you won’t read this unless I write it this way.

Too often people tell me that want to lose weight, so they get on the treadmill for two hours a day and other long-time non-effective strategies.

Muscle is sexy, and Marathoners don’t have any. They look skinny, but flabby and UNsexy:

Whose Body would YOU rather have?


In my book “Half Assed Health“, I talk about doing short sprints instead of long runs, but people want to fight with me over it all the time. Well, maybe they won’t fight with the research:


“One group performed four to six 30-second “sprints” while the other group did cardio for 30 to 60 minutes. The results were nothing short of amazing. Despite exercising for a fraction of the time, those in the sprint category burned more than twice as much body fat.”

Here’s where the article lives- On HUFFINGTON POST where a fan of my book sent it to me.

Now, you should get and read Half Assed Health:

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