The One Thing 95% Of Actors Never Learn!

I think you’ll agree that actors learn a lot of very useful skills:

1- To Communicate an Idea

2- To Be Confident In Front Of A Crowd

3- To Command The Attention Of A Room

4- To Memorize Lines Of Dialogue

5- To Collaborate On A Project and To Share The Responsibility of it’s Completion

6- To Make The Lonely Feel Befriended

7-  To Smile even if you don’t feel like it.

And many, many other skills that come from practice, study, and experience.


But there’s one skill that 95% of actors NEVER learn,

and that’s why most “actors” over 30 are actually just “teachers”:

Actors Never learn:


The Skill To Get Money With Their Art


You see, if you went out into the regular workforce with those skills, you’d find that a lot of people want to hire you for all sorts of things. Many companies are in desperate need for

  • presenters
  • hosts
  • seminar leaders
  • sales people
  • sales trainers
  • focus group leaders
  • Team Building
  • Role playing
  • and Many, Many Other things. but even these all require TIME.

The problem is that as actors, we are all taught to be “stars” and to “Cry on cue” and wait tables and WAIT until someone discovers you in some play that no one is ever going to see. More wasted TIME.

What if we taught people to use those skills, and create a REAL INCOME, and one where they could make money, but still pursue all of the goals of being an actor?

I’m not talking about waiting tables either.

What if you could learn to have your own business, where your schedule was determined by YOU, and you could make money using your skills, but without a day job?


What if you could build your acting business without a day job?

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