The Best Jobs for Actors….Hint: It’s NOT Waiting Tables.

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. It’s like we’re all racing to make money before we have to get “real” jobs and give up.

So what do we ALL do?

  • Waiting tables
  • Walking Dogs
  • Watching Babies
  • Personal Training
  • Uber, Temping, Substitute Teaching, etc, etc, etc


If “Every Actor” does these,
and 98% of people Quit Acting,
Then These MUST be wrong 

Instead, I found a SHORTCUT TO $3,600 per Month:



I read a book that changed the way I thought about making money in general, but it also taught me a TON about acting, and the business of getting acting gigs.

Not the “career” of acting, but the BUSINESS.


In the book, he talks about how to build your acting business without a day job.

In other words, there are NO jobs that are good for actors,
and instead to make money WITHOUT a job at all.


It was new information to me because I was taught to keep getting “better” as an actor, and I’d be “discovered” if I kept doing free shows and working some “survival job” at night.

But that advice came from TEACHERS who were NOT professional actors.

They had day jobs.

If they had been professionals, they would teach something different, like how to actually GET WORK instead of just more and more “craft”.

So, when you think about what kind of “jobs” are good for actors, I learned that NO job is good because you have to trade your time for it.

So I recommend you CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO let it actually CHANGE what you think you know!


Oh- and buy the platinum course!


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Because you’re not a douche, you want to help other actors too.

P.S.- There will be doubters and skeptical wanna-bes who will comment without even reading this post, or reading the book. They are failures. Choose who you listen to wisely.

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