The 5 Reasons This Kentucky Video Is Infuriating To Me

There’s a video going viral about a Kentucky courthouse BREAKING THE LAW by not selling a marriage license to a gay couple. It’s 11 minutes long, so I’ll get to the important parts:


1- Nervous Laughter

When the camera operator says “You two should hold hands”, all of them give a nervous laughter as if to say “No, we aren’t going to do THAAAAAT”, because that might upset the people in the office.

That is INFURIATING. Not that they didn’t do it, they can do or not do whatever they want, but you can see how CRAZY they think that suggestion is. Let me say this- They have NOTHING to apologize for.

2- Crappy Neighbors

The couple waits for a long time, very politely, and then the people who come in after them GO AHEAD OF THEM when called.

Now, I’m going to give those people the benefit of the doubt, and say that they didn’t know why the gay couple wasn’t going ahead of them, but still- YOU GET IN LINE, and let the people who are supposed to go first go. You say “NO, they were here first, and someone needs to serve them- IT’S THE F*CKING LAW, and this place is a COURTHOUSE”.

3- Justifying and Apologizing

When they go and speak to the clerk, they start citing the laws, and saying that they pay taxes, and have been together for a long time, and basically APOLOGIZE for their “request”.

  • They don’t need to pay taxes to get married
  • They don’t need to have been together for a long time
  • They don’t need to bring the laws with them.

Let me say it again- they have NOTHING to apologize for.

4- “Protect and Serve?”

There’s a POLICE OFFICER in the video at the courthouse who does NOTHING to help them.

The Clerk is BREAKING THE LAW, and the police officer is doing nothing about it.

and the 5th major thing that infuriates me about this video:

5- “The South”

Some people are saying “Well, that’s Kentucky, what did you expect?”

As a man of color, I can tell you that I am sick of that as an excuse.

Fire the clerks, and the police officer, and let’s talk about jail time.


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