Sweet Sounds of Residual Income

So, because I have been working to create residual income in my life, I get to do fun things during the day. As a comedian and actor. I’ve created several characters, and today I got to record a SONG for one of them! He’s a rapper named “Gangsta Fag”

– Yes, you read that correctly.

He is the “Hardcore Hip-Hop Homosexual”, and his raps are just over-the-top and hilarious (well, I think so , at least!). Whenever I perform him, the crowd just roars with laughter at how ridiculous an idea it is.   I actually created him in 2000, and someone else came out with a character named the same… a few months later. Some people say he stole it, but whatever.

What do I care? Now I get to do whatever I want during the day, and the residual income comes in. Whether I’m acting, writing, or making music, I go to the mailbox, and look to see if there’s a check that day- How fun is that?

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