Sheila Says You Won’t Read This Whole Post

This is probably the biggest sticking point with actors and people who are used to having a job instead of being a business person. I absolutely have to address it:

They don’t know the difference between spending and investing.

Here’s an example:

An actor will bitch and moan about “spending” money on a head shot because it’s “just a picture.”

They have a point. It is just a picture.

But to someone who understands that it’s part of how their business is represented, it is far more than just a picture.

It becomes an investment in their business.


You see, that picture may get you into more auditions than the head shot your friend took, and therefore make you more money.

A lot more money.

Therefore that good head shot that you paid a lot for is WORTH more to you and your business.

If you book a commercial that makes you $50,000, then how much is that head shot worth?

The problem is, you never can tell.

It may not have anything to do with your head shot.

It may have nothing to do with anything.

But then again, it might.

So you HAVE to invest… If you’re running a business.

If you’re just hoping people come to see your play in the church basement, then none of this matters. Then it’s just an expense. Then you have a hobby. Let’s do another:

How much is a class “worth”?

If a class for clowning teaches you how to be a clown, and you learn it, and then you get a job as a clown because of it- the class was worth thousands of dollars, wasn’t it?

If you want to be a factory worker, then the clown class is worthless to you, even though it might make work more fun.

Did you go to college?

How much is college “worth”?

Well, it depends on what kind of return you are expecting. Some people go to school in order to get a better job. Sometimes that works out. Sometimes it doesn’t.

A very good friend of mine went to USC for film, and when he got out, he didn’t get a big film job, and now he owes $125,000 at 8% interest.

That didn’t work out for him.

Some are lucky enough to get a job when they come out of school to find out that the money they make is less than what they owe in student debt!

Others go “just ‘cuz that’s what people do!”

The experience and it’s “worth” all depends on what you are expecting as a result, right?

So- if you buy the No More Waiters Gold Package, and never use any of the knowledge, then you “spent” money.

But when you buy it and actually apply the information in it, let it springboard you to get free from your day job, go on to a profitable career as an artist, and live the life of your dreams, how much is that “worth”?

Let me give you another example if that last one was too… “salesy” and “self-serving” for you to accept the wisdom in it.

When Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women came out (the Star Trek book I wrote), I knew I wanted to make a big splash and sell a lot of copies.

I found some info online, and eventually found an expert who teaches some techniques for book promotion, and to talk with her was….


For an Hour.

$1000 for an hour.


Was I an idiot?

Was I a sucker?

What on EARTH could she possibly say that would be worth $1000 an hour?

I know most people reading that would be absolutely shocked to think that it might be worth it.

But let’s do the math…

If I have a book to sell, and I make $7 per book, if I use her techniques, how many books would I have to sell to make an extra $1000?

About 143 books.

So, if I thought that her advice would help me sell an extra 143 books, it would be worth it.

It was.

In fact, I sold several hundred extra copies just because of that conversation.

Not only that, it was knowledge that I didn’t have before, so I had it for the NEXT book I wrote.

And the one after that.

So then how much was it “worth”?

A lot more than $1000

It was priceless.

Probably one of the best investments of $1000 I’ve ever made.

Does that make sense?

In fact, although I got a lot out of the hour I spent with her, it was really just one sentence in that conversation that made all the difference.


So, hopefully you get the idea that there is a difference between “spending” your money on some stupid thing and “investing” in your own mind and business.

Wait- Invest in your MIND?

I buy a ton of courses and information about how to do things better because almost every one has a little nugget that I can use to build my business, or expand my mind.

In my No More Waiters courses, I show several small ways to make money without a day job, so you can go be a full-time actor like I did.

It cost me thousands of dollars and years of time to make it simple to understand and easy to get started.

There are several of those priceless “One Sentences” in my videos, but many people miss them because they aren’t looking for them.

They’re looking for the “get rich and get famous” result.

As a professional business owner whose business is the service of creating and embodying characters that serve a director’s vision, you must realize that you will have to continue to learn more and gain more knowledge so you can apply it.

STOP- Did you get that just now?

Did you read the PRICELESS sentence I just dropped in there?

The definition of the actor’s business.

The whole “Service of creating characters….” thing.

Missed it? Read it again.

Did you already quit reading because you “know” everything?

Then my courses aren’t for you.

You see, I like helping people who understand what an investment is.

Because the REAL investment is always in your MIND.

It’s not the house, or the business, or the website that makes you money- it’s the knowledge that you applied that does it

Just like acting.

I’m a better performer now because I have been practicing for years. But I got started back then. I had to GET STARTED.

I had to INVEST in learning to quit my day job, then I had to INVEST the time and energy to be on stage and on camera.

I didn’t SPEND money on books and courses- I INVESTED in my mind.

What are YOU spending your money and time doing?

Working a job?

Waiting tables?

Watching babies?

Walking dogs?

I hope this blog post has gotten you to think about a number of things, and mainly that you invest your money and time into getting one of my books and courses.

That’s right- I INVESTED the time and energy into writing this so that YOU would INVEST back into me.

The right people will… many already have.

If that’s you, you’ll CLICK HERE and buy the No More Waiters Gold package right now.

If not, that’s fine. If you read this far, by now you want to. So you will later.

Bold, huh? That’s right.

Pushy? That’s right.

“Salesy”? Yup.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my TIME and investing it.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my MONEY and investing it.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my LIFE and investing it.

I hope you choose to do the same.

Oh- and while you’re at it, SHARE THIS and invest in OTHER people who will benefit from hearing it.

Or, just acknowledge that you SPENT time reading it.


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