How To Get Voiceover Jobs That Pay Without Being A Professional

You know how “In a world…” became a cliche’ in movie trailers?

Because the SAME GUY got hired over and over again to say it.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know:

The guy behind that voice, Don Lafontane, became a Multi-millionaire

doing voice overs, and it was all because of a vocal strain. 

Don La Fontaine’s voice cracked at age 13 while

… and it gave him that special, unique tone that later
became his signature… vocal signature.

His net worth is reported to be 80 million dollars.

In fact, at his peak he was doing about 60
voiceovers a week sometimes even 35 in a single day!

That’s a lot of talking!

(Do you know anyone who talks that much? Do they get paid for it?)

HOWEVER, let me tell you this …

The industry of voice overs has changed.

Like everything else, the internet has made a lot of things
more accessible to everyone.

There are people who now do almost all of their voiceover work- FROM HOME.

Just like YouTube changed making TV shows to something that almost anyone can do,
there are websites that make it possible for people to do voiceover work in their living rooms..

Some voiceover folks are making
$250 to $750 for a few minutes of work.


And many are afraid of sharing the wealth because
they DON’T KNOW that the voiceover industry is a
17 billion dollar behemoth that’s growing at a
steady rate of 7.6% each year.

Do you notice how many commercials, TV shows and films. are being ANIMATED, and don’t use on-camera actors these days?

Bill Hader was BB-8 in the latest Star Wars!

Can you imagine how big of a market is waiting for
you to make your mark?

If you are curious or at the very least interested
making side income just by recording your voice
then check this out:


On the inside, you’re going to be shocked at how

many people with nothing special about them are managing to create

a substantial income from home doing voice overs.

Speaking of which, we all have female friends who have distinctive
voices- some “smokers” voice, but others with that “high pitch”

They might be horrible to listen to at the bar, but WOW,
Do they sound GREAT on a voiceover job!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be interviewing people who have
done this kind of work- Even posting my own jobs!

Also- SHARE THIS with your friend who can talk non-stop!

At least she can get paid for all that vocal stamina!


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Due to the popularity of this Voiceover program, there have been voiceover “haters”
who are mad that the internet has made this work available to regular people.

The fact of the matter is that the internet is democratizing all kinds of work,
and they are just going to have to suck it up and learn that they can’t just
keep other deserving people out. Get The Details Here

5 Replies to “How To Get Voiceover Jobs That Pay Without Being A Professional”

  1. Don La Fontaine died in 2008, so maybe his estate is now worth $80 million?

    “Do you notice how many commercials, TV shows and films. are being ANIMATED, and don’t use actors these days?”

    VO artists (the successful ones) -are- actors, not just voices. VO acting is about script interpretation, characterization (giving many different reads of a line in next to no time), taking direction/being critiqued and immediately giving the director what they need without one’s ego getting in the way, endurance, being available. Best of luck!

  2. This is a waste of time. Don’t bother. They keep on saying they’re going to share the “secret” and then they just keep delaying. I’ve been listening to this video for no less than 20 minutes, and they still haven’t gotten to their point. Finally, it gets to the point – they’re selling a book. Not access to voice over work. Shame.

    1. Scott- You were looking for the wrong thing.
      The “secret” is that it’s DOING VOICEOVERS from home.

      I already TOLD you the secret in this blog post.
      The course teaches you about how to do it from home, and the book is resources, tips, strategies, and business-set up so you can make money doing it.
      It is a BUSINESS that you can run from home- not a job offer.

  3. Really I think we need to start from scratch with the MuseScore 2 video tutorials.

    There is a significant enough difference in the UIs to require completely new tutorials.

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