Did You Know Jim Carrey Did This?

You may have heard this story before, but before
he became “Jim Carrey”, he was another struggling, broke
actor trying to get known…
Then he learned about this special exercise that 
ATTRACTED wealth and success to him.
One of his exercises is in

What else can you do if you want to prepare your mind for
success and happiness?
I told you about this “Hollywood Mind Doctor” yesterday,

but for all of the skeptics about “Mind Power”, there’s a
great FREE REPORT about the Science of Focus. 
I am a fan of Dr. Steve Jones, and have a bunch of his books
and recordings, but I figured that this free report would be a good
primer in case you don’t know about the power of your mind.

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So many times, it’s not about your talent, or your look,
but about your OWN BELIEF IN YOURSELF that makes the difference.


I do my best to get PUMPED UP and get into a DIFFERENT STATE
whenever I am going to do something because it helps get results.
Jim Carrey used to sit overlooking Mulholland Drive, with his hands
wide open, doing the exercise to FEEL INSPIRED and bring himself
the wealth and success he KNEW he deserved.
Are you doing that? Me either!
Maybe I’ll add that one to my pre-bed routine! 
My resolution this year is to listen to an audio EVERY DAY
before I go to bed, and so far, I have done it!
What about you?

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