How I Finally Got An Agent, Quit My Day Job, and Made $85,000 Acting On TV… And How You Can Too.

Dear Fellow Talented Actor,

  You don’t realize this now, but in the next few minutes you’re going to re-think everything our teachers taught us about “The Acting Thing”  

If you’re anything like me, you got out of school ready to be a successful actor, and use your talents performing for eager audiences on TV, Film, or in the Theater.   But I found out quickly that my teachers forgot one very important thing:


My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I’m an actor born and raised here in New York City, and I have some good news, and some bad news:

If you’re like most people you want to hear the bad news first, so here it is:


Don’t get me wrong, acting is great- it’s fun, it’s freeing, and you get to express yourself, tell stories, delight an audience, give of yourself, and receive back through the audience and your fellow actors.

But BEING an actor sucks.

You know what I mean- everyone tells you to quit and “get a real job” all the time, people tell you how hard it is because of your “chances of making it”, and even when you do get paid for acting, you can often feel like talking furniture.

You often do some great work, but it doesn’t pay, or you do some crappy work, because it does pay. You barely have enough money to squeeze by between gigs, and while your “regular job” friends are going on vacations, you are always too poor.

And you’re always on the verge of giving it up.

But, it’s not your fault- Our teachers told us to work on our craft, get a “survival job”, send out your headshots and WAIT to “be discovered”.

That’s what they taught us (even though it obviously didn’t work for them), so that’s what you’re doing, right? That’s what most people do.

And that’s why most fail.

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. They give up and get some desk job and say things like “I had to grow up sometime”, while less talented people who “know someone” get all the jobs.


But the GOOD NEWS is that some people have figured out a way to pursue your career without having to starve, wait tables, or live with their parents.

In fact, I haven’t had a day job in over 10 years because I learned how to set up “Online Vending Machines” that send me checks in the mail over and over again.

Since I make money without a day job, I’ve been able to go on auditions, do shows, and shoot dozens of commercials. I’ve done very little TV and film, but in my career so far…

I have managed to make almost $400,000 strictly from acting work.

I know- I can hardly believe it either.

It took me a while to learn to set up, but once I made my first $20 without trading time for it, my life was forever changed.

I have never had to ask anyone for time off, to switch shifts, or sneak out for lunch. I do whatever I want to do every day.

Sometimes that means working on my acting career, sometimes it’s playing with my son, sometimes it’s doing nothing at all.

I started going to parties, and people would ask me a bunch of questions about how I was doing it, so now I’m teaching other actors how to do it too, so we can all be free and pursue the life we want.

Some people just started learning from me, and told me to help more people on a webinar.

But what about YOU?

What will you do when you aren’t trading your time for money?


Now most people when they hear this kind of thing will want to find out more, but there are some who won’t- you know the type, they’d rather go out for a drink, smoke something, and bitch about how “Hollywood” isn’t really “authentic” anymore.


They’re just losers who want to tear me down, or stop YOU from learning anything, because it justifies their lazy, whiny, go-nowhere lives. They snipe at me for my credits, for my posts, and for my drive. And if you decide you want to break free too, they’ll snipe at you too.

If you’re that type, there’s no need to keep reading, we need to leave those people behind.

But if you’re the first type, the kind who wants to be free to create, and if you have enough courage to do some work, then you’re going to love what you learn from me.

But there’s a catch– From this moment forward, you have to realize that YOU are responsible for your own success, and that you have to TAKE ACTION.

In school, you could just “learn” and then not have to DO anything.

Real life is different.

You don’t get rewarded for doing nothing.

The only difference between what you WANT and what you HAVE is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE.

So here’s your chance- stop reading right now if you want to take the “blue pill” and go back to the “unfairness” of acting, and wait tables, wait to be discovered, and wait for a miracle…

Or, you can

Go Now To STEP 2 & Take the RED PILL, and discover an entirely new world where your time is YOURS to choose to do what you WANT to do with it, and you can live the way you WANT to live.

If you’ve read this far, Then you should sign up and get my free webinar video:


 P.S.- This is up for a little while, but if you’ve reached this page at a different time, then I recommend buying it, whatever it costs. But of course, it’s up to you.


Because you’re not a selfish douche, and you WANT to help other actors too.

9 Secrets To Having An Acting Business (3 of 3)

In this last of three videos, Lisa goes over steps seven, eight and nine to having a successful acting career – The Next Step, Adjustments and Celebrating: If you’re learning a lot, and want more from Lisa, I highly recommend her acting business products because she put a lot of work and wisdom into them!

I posted videos one and two the past two days also…

I have the time to study, and build my own acting career because I don’t have a day job.

Instead, I just BLOG and learn to make money by doing that instead of waiting tables, watching babies (except my own!) and working a desk job! If you imagine your life being better by blogging instead of working a day job too, then click the big banner on the right.

Onwards and upwards!

9 Secrets To Having An Acting Business

My friend Lisa Gold of has a great 9-part system for helping actors create a long-term business:

I’m known to be pretty business-savvy, but if I’m being honest with myself, I am totally PLANLESS about this business, and am guilty of thinking my “Talent” will carry me through.

I got all of Lisa’s products awhile ago, and I took a lot of action, but like everything else, I fell off!

Time to get back to it! If you like what she’s talking about, visit her site!

Tomorrow, I’ll post the next video!

What is THIS all about?

New people ask me what I do.

My usual answer is that “I’m an Actor, Author, and an Entrepreneur”.

And then I wait…

Most people ask about the “Actor” part, because they want to know if they’ve seen me (they have) and to see if I’m “famous” enough to get excited (sometimes).

If they ask more, they find that they’ve seen me on TV and in many commercials, like this one:

The “regular” people just giggle about my sort of fame, and it ends there. I get to know that these people are more often than not people who let other people ell them what to do, and have that “Sheeple” thing going for themselves.

Nothing wrong with it, that’s just how it is.

Some people ask me about being an Author. They are also asking to see f they’ve heard of a book Ive written, but often they have a book they want to write, and are looking for advice on actually getting it out.

Often these people are artsy, but have a little bit of guts too. I tell them about the several books Ive written, and about my most well-known one:

But it’s the ones who ask abotu being an Entrepreneur who get the whole story,

Because to me, it’s all the same thing- ways to create VALUE in people’s lives. To me, being an Actor is about being an Entrepreneur through giving performances. Being an Author through writing.

But the REAL focus of my Entrepreneurial efforts is to be FREE.

It’s to NOT work for someone else, but to create the life that I want to live.

And often, these people also want to be free.

So, I help them do that by understanding several ideas, and help them USE what they learn through building an online business.

Whether I’m auditioning for a part, previewing a book, or creating websites, it’s all to provide value.

So, if you’re of the third category, and would like to learn how to be FREE to earn income on your own terms- without having to beg some boss for your livelihood, 

Then the banner on the side “Free Video” and hear my friend’s explanation of how we help people become Entrepreneurs.

Or, you could just watch videos of me on TV.

Or, you could buy one of my books,

And if you decide after that, you’d rather live life on your own terms too, then click the side banner.


The “Lost” Star Wars Bloopers are FOUND!!!

Star Wars geeks rejoice! This is the lost video that was recently found of the Star Wars Bloopers you wish you’d seen in the past 35 years! 

Han Solo, Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca- all of them appear in footage you haven’t seen!

I mean, it’s not as fun as a Star Trek Blooper reel, but hey- George Lucas fans will have to take what they can get!

Midsummer Night’s Dream in October, and it’s wonderful.

I do a bunch of Improv, and what can be so magical about it is that there's the possibility of failure. I just saw a production of Shakespeare 's Midsummer Night's Dream at the Secret Theatre in long Island City which captured that essence of risk along with the beauty of Shakespeare. The cast has rehearsed all of the parts, and they don't know who they're playing until the audience pulls their names out of a hat. The night I saw was WONDERFUL. I loved the direction, and the performers gave us their joy in performance. I eagerly want to see it again, when the casting will be different, but the caliber of performance the same. SEE THIS SHOW NOW.

Banksy in NYC

I stopped by the Banksy art piece near the WTC. The piece depicts the world Trade Center (Ground zero) during the attack on 9/11/2001. The explosion you see is actually a flower. Using a flower, the universal symbol for peace as an explosion is effective.