Bones Rodriguez Sleeps On The Couch On TV, But Plays “The Architect You Love To Hate” On Stage…

Yes, you’re right- you have seen Bones Rodriguez before.

Not only is he all over the internet with his viral proposal video, his “I’m An Actor Dammit!” blog, his facebook page for actors, and his online courses

He has also done dozens of commercials.


You have seen him as a customer of Time Warner Cable, Optimum Online and a few times for Verizon. You’ve seen him eat fast food, and restaurant food. You’ve seen him buy a new phone or pay an old phone bill. You’ve seen him win the lottery.

Literally dozens of commercials.

Right now, you might see him catching a few z’s in an ad for Ikea.


(Yes- he’s a professional at pretending to be asleep!)

If you live on the East Coast, your kids may have seen him perform at their school in TheatreSports, which he has been doing for over 15 years with Freestyle Repertory Theatre.

You may have also caught him as USNAVI in “IN THE HEIGHTS” by Lin-Manuel Miranda.



His following is pretty loyal, and they appreciate how he keeps them up to date.

Last year, he was tested by ABC for one of their pilots, the news of which spread virally on facebook:


But right now, you can catch Bones Rodriguez as WEBER, “The Architect You Love To Hate” in Theresa Rebeck’s WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST at the Abingdon Theatre from October 21st to the 29th in a limited run.

What makes this performance particularly exciting is that Bones Rodriguez re-joins with two members of his original comedy group Kundalini Komedy after a 10 year hiatus, Lesley McBurney and Ean Sheehy.


“It’s so much fun to be performing with Ean and Lesley again” Bones says, “It feels so normal, but now it’s a much different show than what we used to throw together. I think the architects are going to especially love it!”

Set in a highly competitive architecture firm, WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST presents a burning examination of the complicated battle of the sexes that rage across Cubicle Land.

A funny yet insightful view of what it means to be female in a male-dominated career and one woman’s response when she tires of slamming into the glass ceiling. The play is eerily timely considering the current political battle, but thankfully, a lot funnier than frightening.

Whatever he is doing, Bones Rodriguez prefers to smile his way through it, and that is no different in this piece. Despite the very tricky and difficult text, Bones says he enjoys the challenge:


“Even though they might be more impressed with my ability to act asleep, the audience will have a blast listening to this character ramble his way out of trouble as discusses useless ideas and kisses butt.”





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