This is what happened DESPITE my English degree

If you know any writers, they might like this different approach to the writing profession.

I went to an expensive college, and I graduated with an English Major, creative writing as a minor.

In other words, I paid $100,000 for college, but had no clue what to do next.

I had written some short stories in college, about some pretty cool things; my dad and step-mom, an ancient storyteller, a guy trying to seduce a woman he liked more than he admitted, and a woman seductress who meets her match when she tries to seduce the devil.

Do you see a trend?

It was college.

But when I graduated, I thought maybe I’d write a novel, or maybe write some articles for some newspaper, or something like that.

I thought that my “Major” would be my life.

(Spoiler Alert!)

It’s not.

I ended up answering phones at NYU.

Not that it is anyone else’s responsibility, I didn’t really know how to find a “writing job”, but there’s a certain idea that I think we’re sold on:

That your degree itself will make a big difference.

I can’t really say that my degree actually helped at all with my life.

I’m sure it’s different for some people.

The classes I took taught me about what other people did with their writing, and I wrote some stuff at the last minute so I could not fail the class, but despite all of that:

I am the author of several titles now,

(one published by Simon and Schuster),

and have 2 Amazon best-sellers.

The thing is, it is really all because of a guy named Paul Hollingshead and an article I read on the web about having “The Perfect Life“.

It was the enticing language and the mystery in the story he wrote that hooked me from the beginning.

It made me want to read more, and find out exactly what he had done to achieve this “perfect life” because I had never heard someone say that before.

When you actually read and study his article, you will understand why so many English majors are failures at writing because of what we are taught in school.

To be successful, I didn’t realize what I would have to UN-learn:

  •  I had to UN-learn to use all the fancy lanuage they wanted me to use in school
  •  I had to UN-learn that I had to be completely original and have “great ideas”
  •  I had to Un-learn that only very special people could learn to write and make money.

So, if you’re someone who thinks you might want to know how to live the “Perfect Life” too, then I recommend you read this article by Paul Hollingshead:

It was a sunny spring Tuesday in Vermont, the kind of day we wait for all winter long.

I had just finished playing ball with my dog and I was loading my golf clubs into the car when a neighbor came up to me …

“I have to ask you,” he said.

“I see you home every day, playing with your dog, puttering around the house, loading up your brand-new car with skis and golf clubs and suitcases, taking all these trips …

“You’re too young to be retired, yet I never see you working. Do you mind me asking …

“Just what is it you do?”

That’s when I knew I had found “The Perfect Life!”

Here’s how you can have it too … (Click here to Continue)

Ring, Ring! “Hello, It’s GOD.” That’s when I knew I had done it.

Can you imagine getting a call from GOD one day?

On your cell phone?

Well, it didn’t wuite happen that way for Neale Donald Walsch, but you have to hear his story…


If you’re a spiritual person like me who’s made progress in some areas

of your life, but want to make it all work together…


I’ve got some great news for us!


Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the

“Conversations with God” series of books is doing a FREE online master class!


Click Here to Register For The Free Class and
Overcome the #1 Spiritual Obstacle to Manifesting
Your Highest Hopes in 2016


Many of you know that I am an HUGE fan of Neale Donald Walsch, and I have ALL of his books, in the “spiritual” section of my library.

I have SEVERAL of his recordings on my phone, and listen to them often.

I even have a few videos on YouTube Channel where I have read sections of his books aloud!

I can’t recommend his books enough, and this free online masterclass is EXCITING to me!

Click Here To Register Now- I’ve already done it!


I always leave with a new understanding, or some excellent new ideas to use in my every day life- some have been MIRACULOUSLY effective.

Do whatever you can to attend this LIVE class, because he always takes questions live, and some of the answers may astound you.


Click Here To Save Your Place for the Global Premier of Neale’s Brand-New

Online Masterclass

This is the agenda for the class:

During Neale’s Online Masterclass, you’ll discover…


● How to experience freedom from anxiety, worry,

depression and fear in your relationships, finances,

health, career, spiritual connection, and confidence.

● How to transform your mistakes into miracles that help

you grow.

● How to become so magnetic to others that they will

want to get to know you and be your friend.

● How to become so confident and charismatic that

employers will want to hire you for just the right job.

● Step-by-step tools that can help you to be profoundly

happy, totally self-fulfilled, and completely spiritually

aware…regardless of your exterior circumstances.

● The surprising spiritual secret behind manifesting

whatever you choose.


Click Here To Join Neale at No Charge and Discover How to Manifest Your

Highest Hopes 

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,



P.S. As long as you register for the event, you’ll be able to

listen live and/or download the recordings later!


Click Here To Save Your Seat Now for this Life-Inspiring Event with Neale


(Interview) How To Get Paid In Voice Overs Even If You’re Brand New


As promised, here is an EXCLUSIVE interview with Jules Price!

She has done numerous voice overs, but here is one of them for your own info:

And NOW….




If you’d like to see the rest of the interview, join our community at

Want to get coaching from Jules Price on Starting your Voiceover business?

She will help you get started for $200, but when you buy VO GENESIS, she’ll reduce the price by $100!





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(Interview) How To Do FOUR Voice-Over Auditions In ONE HOUR

The internet is changing things.

As we keep moving forward in the world of entertainment, you have to keep up with the changes or get left behind.

Recently, a new course came out that teaches regular people how to make money doing voiceover work from home. Since this is a blog for actors, I have been very excited to tell everyone that not only can THEY do it- all without an agent- but that here is a course giving you a roadmap.

Aside from an informative post on voiceovers, I did a review of the course in a PREVIOUS BLOG POST

Some people were very excited, but other people, not so much.

I chose to interview a VOICE OVER PROFESSIONAL, who has booked several voiceover gigs, and let YOU decide if it’s something you’d like to pursue, or at least BUY THE COURSE and find out.

If you enjoyed that, you might want to CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT VO GENESIS IS ALL ABOUT.


To see George’s Voiceover demo:

(The addiction one is my favorite, in “Commercial”)

Here Are Three Voice Overs From My Career; Try Not To Laugh At The One With The Exploding Pig

**NOTE** January 31st is the FINAL DAY for the Launch Price of VO GENESIS

Recently, a course came out teaching people to get voiceover work from home called “VO Genesis”, and people have been asking if it’s for real.

I’ve done a few voiceovers, so people asked my opinion.

A lot of people have questions about VO Genesis, and “Is VO Genesis a Scam” and people have asked for a “VO Genesis Review” from me, so I am doing a full review on it here:

Let’s start with one of my Voice Overs, which is CURRENTLY on TV:

Yes- this game is a real game, and yes, it’s really on TV, and YES- it really IS about stuffing burgers into a pig until he explodes.

Gross, right?

Kids love it! Crazy kids.

I got paid something like $350 for that one I think.

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and and I am an actor, author, and solopreneur here in New York City.

I have worked a tiny bit on film and TV, done a lot of stage, but have done dozens of commercials in my career, totalling over $400,00 so far.

I throw out that number not to impress you, just to tell you that I actually AM a professional entertainer.

I maybe over-sold myself as a “Voiceover Pro”, but I have gotten paid to do a few of them.

As the business of show demands, I have other ways that I make money and I use the internet to make “Online Vending Machines” instead of waiting tables, walking dogs or watching babies like all the other “actor-waiters” do.

I also teach actors about all these different ways of making money through my books and courses.

So, when VO GENESIS came out, I told them to check it out and get it.


To me, it was an absolute no-brainer.

I’m an ACTOR, and one of the ways actors get paid is through doing voice overs- why on EARTH would someone who wants to be a professional entertainer NOT get a course on doing Voice Over work from home?

A few years ago, I did a voice over for the HISTORY Channel, and I had to go downtown to their studios, it took a while, and there was a full office staff, an engineer, and a big space with a lot of rooms all doing voice over jobs for different stuff.

Rent for a space like that in New York City is expensive.

It took a while, a lot of people were involved, and I got paid like $200 or so.

FAST FORWARD a couple of years later, to when I did that “pop the Pig” one, it was in a small 5-person studio, and I think that big one was closed down.

As I said, I have only done a few voice over jobs in my career, and it’s the reason I was EXCITED to buy VO GENESIS.


Now, I have learned that the vast majority of actors and artists are wanna-be rich-and-famous, lazy, whiny babies who just want everything handed to them.


But that is FANTASTIC news for anyone willing to do the tiniest bit of work, because it means they will actually GET the work!

So when I told people about VO GENESIS on my blog, people wrote me emails asking if it was legit, and asking me if I’m personally making money with it, and all sorts of lazy, whiny baby questions.

Like “Do you have to do work to find gigs?”.

Seriously dude?

HOWEVER- I also realize that maybe people are just skeptical, or simple don’t know that people are doing voiceover jobs from home now.

What the actors don’t realize is that VO GENESIS is billed as a “Make money from home” opportunity for the masses. It’s a course designed for regular people to start making money at home, doing voiceover work.

Meaning- for REGULAR people who have no acting training and no skill set already developed.

Which to ME, meant “WOW- I had better JUMP on this, and I could probably KILL IT!”

But to other people it means “OH No! You mean it doesn’t make me rich and famous overnight just after buying it? But I want to be a rich-and-famous, lazy, whiny baby!”

Here’s the deal- VO Genesis outlines what can be a very simple way to make money from home by doing voice over work for companies all over the world from home.

Especially English speakers.

It’s how A LOT of VO artists do their job now.

I have a friend in Florida who does a ton of them- all on her own, and she makes a full-time income from them.

But- just like in acting, the hard part is NOT doing the job-

It’s GETTING the job.

And that’s where the extras in VO Genesis really have value.

The first document, “VO Genesis” is a good primer for someone who wants to get into the industry to make money doing voiceovers. That’s all it’s meant to be. Remember that it’s for REGULAR people, who need an introduction to the industry.

But even most professionals would value a lot of the information in it because of it’s organization, tips, and reminders.

Is it worth $97?

It depends.

If you don’t read it, then no.

If one tiny bit of information in it gives someone enough confidence to go out and become the next Don LaFontaine, then it’s worth millions.

To me, page 11 alone is worth hundreds.

Because I’ve made money doing voiceovers already- from home- and intend to make more.

Here’s another one of mine:


I really like that one

I don’t remember how much I made on it, but it’s something like $300.

And that one I went to a small producer’s studio to record it.

But here’s the thing- the “production studio” was in their HOME.

They had a simple setup, in a NYC apartment near the World Trade center (actually, down the street from “New York Dolls” strip club),

some business cards, 3 computers, and TADA!- they were a production house!

Do you see where I’m going here?

So, when you get into the other reports and modules of VO GENESIS, they get more and more in depth and more advanced to get you started as a PROFESSIONAL who actually makes money.

So, the first offer gets you started- if you’re a novice, then it’s a great intro. If you’re in the industry already, it’s a great reminder. And if you are committed to actually making money, and are willing to look for work online (through the websites they tell you about, and the way they tell you to design your demo), then each module is more and more valuable to you.

But here’s where I’m going with this.

Let’s say you said to yourself “Is it all actually worth it though?”

Here’s how I see it versus how the lazy, whiny baby actors see it.

Here’s another Voice over job I did:

Terrible, right?

I mean- the yelling, the fast-paced jibber-jabber.

I got paid like another $200 for it.

I did it AT HOME.


The client LOVED it.

I had actually done other takes of it that I preferred,

But you know what?


I think it’s kinda weird. Especially the end.

But it was EXACTLY what they wanted.

 -and I got paid THE SAME as when I went to a big studio for a major channel a few years ago.

I keep telling everyone that the INTERNET is going to change EVERYTHING.

But people  who are slow to accept change are skeptical about everything, and miss out. I’ve been telling actors for years to get my No More Waiters book, and learn to make money without a day job like I have for 15 years.

But a lot of them stay skeptical.

And they also stay in their day jobs!

And they eventually get fired, or quit acting, or something else.

All because they want to not spend the $147 for my course.

But I have paid thousands of dollars for many different courses, and have made thousands because of LEARNING.

I paid $100,00 for college, and it got me a crappy day job.

Instead, you can learn to actually make money from specific courses like this one.

So- if you pay $250 for everything VO GENESIS offered (full price), and do a SINGLE $500 job, isn’t it worth it?


But most people don’t think that way.

Because even better than getting your investment back- you get to KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE.

I tell people not to be scared of learning something because it adds to your skill-set, and that can be a better investment then whatever bullsh*t you were going to spend the money on anyway!

I got a lot of emails asking “Is Vo Genesis a Scam”, and I’m sure that you probably typed “VO genesis review” or “VO Genesis scam” into a browser somewhere.

But asking that question kinda means that you don’t understand something already.

How could it be a scam?

It’s a course that teaches you how to find work for voiceovers, and how to get into the industry to do it.

It does not DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

So… what would the scam be?

Maybe you’re just questioning if it’s true or not- “do people do VO GENESIS from home?” “Do people do voice overs from home?”

The answer is YES. They do. So now you know.

Is there work involved? Yes!

If you want to get paid, then there is work involved.

Can you do it?

Well, let me put this plainly- VO GENESIS is helping REGULAR people make money doing it- and those regular people are going to get the work and make the money if you don’t.

So, if you’d like to learn more about doing voiceover work from home, and making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per gig, then I definitely recommend that you:




How To Get Voiceover Jobs That Pay Without Being A Professional

You know how “In a world…” became a cliche’ in movie trailers?

Because the SAME GUY got hired over and over again to say it.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know:

The guy behind that voice, Don Lafontane, became a Multi-millionaire

doing voice overs, and it was all because of a vocal strain. 

Don La Fontaine’s voice cracked at age 13 while

… and it gave him that special, unique tone that later
became his signature… vocal signature.

His net worth is reported to be 80 million dollars.

In fact, at his peak he was doing about 60
voiceovers a week sometimes even 35 in a single day!

That’s a lot of talking!

(Do you know anyone who talks that much? Do they get paid for it?)

HOWEVER, let me tell you this …

The industry of voice overs has changed.

Like everything else, the internet has made a lot of things
more accessible to everyone.

There are people who now do almost all of their voiceover work- FROM HOME.

Just like YouTube changed making TV shows to something that almost anyone can do,
there are websites that make it possible for people to do voiceover work in their living rooms..

Some voiceover folks are making
$250 to $750 for a few minutes of work.


And many are afraid of sharing the wealth because
they DON’T KNOW that the voiceover industry is a
17 billion dollar behemoth that’s growing at a
steady rate of 7.6% each year.

Do you notice how many commercials, TV shows and films. are being ANIMATED, and don’t use on-camera actors these days?

Bill Hader was BB-8 in the latest Star Wars!

Can you imagine how big of a market is waiting for
you to make your mark?

If you are curious or at the very least interested
making side income just by recording your voice
then check this out:


On the inside, you’re going to be shocked at how

many people with nothing special about them are managing to create

a substantial income from home doing voice overs.

Speaking of which, we all have female friends who have distinctive
voices- some “smokers” voice, but others with that “high pitch”

They might be horrible to listen to at the bar, but WOW,
Do they sound GREAT on a voiceover job!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be interviewing people who have
done this kind of work- Even posting my own jobs!

Also- SHARE THIS with your friend who can talk non-stop!

At least she can get paid for all that vocal stamina!


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Due to the popularity of this Voiceover program, there have been voiceover “haters”
who are mad that the internet has made this work available to regular people.

The fact of the matter is that the internet is democratizing all kinds of work,
and they are just going to have to suck it up and learn that they can’t just
keep other deserving people out. Get The Details Here

The 6 P’s Of Acting Success- aka “How To Work On Top Of Halle Berry”

I have a new resolution for the year, and one of them kind involves Halle Berry.

Don’t Run Halle, Bones Loves You!


More on that in a minute.

The first is to read MORE books and buy MORE courses on acting.

Not just “technique” and “Craft”, but career stuff like:


Motivational Books, and especially:

BUSINESS books on acting.

That’s why I picked up Randy Thomas’ “The 6 P’s Of Acting Success” because he runs a website for actors and a program called “The Actor Advantage Program“, and I figured this would be a good intro to his course.

Randy Thomas is from Canada, and was actually a BUSINESS major in college

(One of THOSE guys, I figured)

And the book discusses being an actor from a BUSINESS point of view.

We’ve heard it before:

“Treat Your Acting Career Like A Business”

But what the hell does that mean?

Randy breaks down his “Marketing speak” into “actor speak” throughout the book so that I learned some of the paralells:

Here’s an example:


The business definition of a Marketing Strategy

A strategy designed to meet the company’smarketing objectives

by providing its customers with value. All the principles of the

marketing mix are related, and together establish the product’s

position within its target markets.

(Sounds like gobbledegook, doesn’t it?)


An artist’s definition of a Marketing Strategy

A strategy designed to meet your career objectives by providing

agents, casting directors, directors and producers with value.

All the principles of the 6P’s of Success are related, and

together establish your brand as an artist in the entertainment




Did you hear any of that stuff while studying to be an actor? 

Me either.

But that’s just at the beginning.

There were 2 things I really liked about Randy’s Book, and the first is that he adds “Life lessons” throughout the book, like one he learned while ON TOP OF HALLE BERRY:

Montreal, 2003… I am lying on top of Halle Berry… She

is only wearing underwear and a T-shirt… Halle’s legs are

wrapped tightly around me like a clamp… I am restraining

Halle’s arms over her head and by the end of the afternoon, we

are exhausted. And everything is caught on camera because

we are on set.

(The story is longer, and really good, but what I really liked about that chapter was the end of it)


I remember being on a high as Halle and I chatted in her

trailer after the shoot with her manager, Vince Cirrincione. I

also remember feeling helpless. Even though I was sitting in

the same room, Halle and I were on different planets and it

was frustrating.


Now, I would have been feeling helpless and frustrated for an entirely different reason, but this is where he goes into the “6 P’s Of Acting Success” and a diagram that kinda explains the problem with most actors careers:



In this diagram, he shows that most actors are only concerned with their “product” (their acting ability), but forget the other essential parts of owning a business:

  • Product- YOU are a product
  • Price- Earning a living
  • Place- Your Environment
  • Promotion- Managing Your Brand
  • People- No One Makes It Alone
  • Processes- Becoming Efficient and Effective

I’ll ask you again:

Did you hear any of that stuff while studying to be an actor? 

Me either.

In the video courses that go along with the book, he sounds really funny when he says “Promotions” and “Processes” in his Canadian accent, but I’ll let that go.

Randy explains how these 6 things are NECESSARY parts of any business, but 5 of them are totally ignored by acting schools and acting classes- mostly because actors don’t know any better.

I really enjoyed the book (as well as getting a healthy-ass kicking of what I should be doing), but it was the final section which really hit home for me.


Throughout the book, he talks about how much the industry has changed because of how few movies are being made, and how the shortage of projects trickles down and squeezes the beginning and mid-level actors.

So, he predicts several changes in the industry that I totally agree with, and wrote in my own special report a few years ago about acting in the 21st century.

If you want to be a professional, and have new goals for the New Year like I do, then I really suggest you click below and pick up a copy of Randy Thomas’ 6 P’s of Acting Success:



Also, click here for his free video series


Thanks so much Randy- I know how hard it is to get a book finished and out! And if you see Halle:

Give her a kiss for me…. please?

Good luck and have a great 2016!!