They Laughed When I Quit My Day Job, But When They Saw Me On TV…

“You’ll never make it” she said, “You haven’t even been in anything…”

She was right.

My boss at my computer job was surprised when I told her I was leaving the stable, steady 9-to-5 job to be an actor.

What the hell was I doing?

Didn’t I know that most people never even get ONE paid acting gig?

But here I was quitting the “survival day job”.

To be an actor.

The thing is, I had learned a secret that she didn’t know about.

As you read this entire post, maybe you’ll find the courage to take the leap too…


How I Finally Got An Agent, Quit My Day Job, and Made A Living Acting On TV… And How You Can Too.


FROM: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur Born and Raised In New York City

Yes, you HAVE seen me on TV, and I do a ton of work all around the New York Improv and Theatre scene… Here’s my story (you’re going to want to share this)
Dear Fellow Talented Actor,

You don’t realize this now, but in the next few minutes you’re going to re-think everything our teachers taught us about “The Acting Thing”…

If you’re anything like me, you got out of school ready to be a successful actor, and use your talents performing for eager audiences on TV, Film, or in the Theater.

But I found out quickly that my teachers forgot one very important thing:


Those who bring the check to the table, and
Those Who GET THE CHECK In The Mail…

Which do YOU Want To Be?

Do you remember what it felt like to dream about your life and what “being an actor” meant to you? I remember, and I thought I was ready.

And Then…


Everyone says that the Acting Business is tough, and that your chances of making a full-time income are slim because in real life, you need to be to make money while you build your dream career.

And that’s why…

95% of Actors
Quit The Business
Before They Turn 30 Years Old.

Because unless mommy and daddy are paying the bills, you’ll get a job, and by the time you’re done working, you’re too tired to focus on your career.

That’s where I was: broke, frustrated, and doing shows for my friends and family.

The SAME friends and family.

Sound familiar?

“It Wasn’t Supposed To
Be Like THIS Was It?”

When did our teachers tell us that we would be doing all these things that have NOTHING to do with acting?

  • Waiting tables,
  • Temping at an office
  • Living with 5 roommates just to pay bills
  • Begging your parents for money
  • Never getting auditions because you’re too busy working!

We were taught that if we just continued to hone our craft and get “good”, then we would “be discovered” by someone right? This is the idea that’s shared everywhere.

But guess what- that’s not true! It’s Wrong!

In the real world, you need to support yourself while you hone your craft, and learn how to live as an actor- to be an actor.

And most people never make it.

If you’re like I was, you’re dreaming about sharing your gift, and getting the accolades you deserve. You’re working with some amazingly creative people, and doing work that inspires, fulfills, and entertains you and others.

Now imagine your fantasy financial situation- I’ll bet it is a comfortable life. I’ll bet you have a feeling of freedom – something you don’t have now.
I’ll Bet Your Fantasy Acting Life Does NOT Include:

  • Begging some boss for time off
  • Hoping someone will switch shifts with you
  • Worrying about health insurance
  • Wishing you’d get fired, but terrified of it too…

But isn’t This What Our Teachers Taught Us?

“Take classes, get BACKSTAGE every week, and get a job waiting tables or bartending. If that doesn’t work in a short while, get more schooling, meet the right people, and maybe that’ll work. If not- teach acting!”

Don’t get me wrong, the teachers that have taught us how to ACT are great-

They Taught Us “How To ACT”, But Not


And there’s a big difference.

My friends who were far more talented than me, and had degrees from acting schools were starting to quit.

They were getting older, and they started saying things like “I just can’t stand being broke anymore”

I had a desk job myself, and I was about to throw in the towel too.

“I Was Broke, Frustrated, and Going Nowhere In My Acting Career…

-Then $20 Changed My Whole Life!”

You see about 11 years ago, I found a terrible little website that told me I could “make money online”.

It cost $1000, and I didn’t have it at the time, but I put it on a credit card because I wanted to change the path I was on.

There’s an old saying that “If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve gotten”.

I was willing to change what I was doing because I wanted a different path.

I paid the $1000, and opened my mind.

I learned about selling other people’s stuff from that website, and tried to do what it said, but I lost even more money.

And then more.

But I wasn’t going to give up, and I learned more with each failure.

Until one day, I made $20.

I wasn’t working at a job (in fact, I was at rehearsal), when I suddenly realized that this little website I had made selling other people’s stuff made me $20 that day.

I shared the idea with some friends, but that was just the beginning!

I figured that since I could learn to make $20 in a day, that if I kept going, I could learn to make $200 in a day.

At first I only made a little, but I kept doing it until it became simple.

Then one day I made $1200 in one day just selling other people’s stuff on my website.

That was the day I Quit My Day Job,
And I never looked back!

And Free from the Day Job, I could suddenly do ANYTHING I Wanted!

  • I wrote books!
  • I went on vacation!
  • I saved money!
  • I bought property!



Since I make money without a day job, I’ve been able to go on auditions, do shows, and shoot dozens of commercials. My IMDB is tiny, and I’ve done very little TV and film, but in my career so far…

I have managed to make almost $400,000 strictly from SAG acting work. Another $50k on stage.

I know- I can hardly believe it either.

My mom actually started telling people that I was an actor, (instead of being embarrassed) and proudly asking “Have you seen my child on TV?”

And my neighbors saw me on TV…

And they would stop me in the street “Hey! I saw you, and I told everyone that I knew you!”

You see, once I got free of spending most of my time trying to make money to live on, I could do what I ACTUALLY wanted to do:

I get to PERFORM all the time,
and not worry about the money!

Nobody asks “Are you still TRYING to be an actor?” when you’re making money!

But I knew that I wanted to share this with more actors; serious ones, committed ones, actors who understand that there is sacrifice, investment, and learning involved to know about this stuff too!

I can’t be the only one who wants to be FREE, right?

So Now I’ve Put Everything I Learned Into A FREE WEBINAR VIDEO:

How I Went From Failure To

Full-Time Actor!



Instead of being asked “What Restaurant do you work in?”, you’ll be able to proudly say that you are a FULL-TIME ACTOR, because you chose to learn the things that took me literally YEARS to learn:

  • Learn why so many actors fail, and how to avoid their mistakes!
  • Figure out how to beat the odds ‘€” and get the edge over your competition
  • Take Control over your time and learn to put your acting business before the “money chase”!
  • Discover why Bartending never creates a successful actor, because they work against each other!
  • Create a Successful Plan to support your life while you increase your acting exposure!
  • Destroy Self-Sabotaging Behaviors that leave you broke and unable to perform!
  • And So Much More…

Stop Waiting Tables, Waiting To Be Discovered, and Waiting For A Miracle-



Just one nugget of information can completely turn your life around and put you on the path to living the life of your dreams- I know because I am living it right now!

Click below to get your spot, and know that you CAN do it!

If you want to ditch your day job and be a full-time actor, then watch this.


How I Went From Failure To

Full-Time Actor!




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I’m not famous, I’m not rich, and I don’t live in Beverly Hills.

I have done very little TV and Film, my IMDB is tiny, but

I’ve made over $400,000 as an actor through commercials, and stage.

I have spent thousands and written a book and created a course on QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB so you can be free to audition, book work, and shoot whatever you want, whenever you want.

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My course is called “No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job”:


People buy it all the time, and I have great testimonials- I teach people that when you make money outside of a day job, you can do whatever you want.

That’s why I have an acting career- because when asked if I’m available, my answer is always “YES”- no boss to ask, no shift to switch, nothing- I say “YES” because I make my OWN money.


I teach people a lot of ways to make money without a day job, but my favorite is to make “Online Vending Machines”.

An “Online Vending Machine” is a webpage that sells something that people buy, and then you just get website surfers to look at it- if they buy stuff, you make money.

It’s not “YOU” selling stuff, but it’s YOUR MACHINE, so you keep the money.

Make sense?

I show people how to make those.

It’s pretty damn simple.

Wanna see one? 

You’re looking at one kind.

I thought that was obvious.

Want more? Ok, let me make this even simpler.

Sometimes I use a system to sell stuff.

My own stuff, and OTHER PEOPLE’S stuff.


Yeah- see, that’s the part that trips people up.

Most people know that OF COURSE you can sell your own stuff on a website and make money (like Ebay or Etsy), but most people don’t have their own stuff to sell-

So I teach them to make a machine that sells someone else’s stuff.


Just like if you had a candy machine, your machine would be selling someone ELSE’s candy, but since YOU own the machine, YOU keep the money.

Make sense? Are you following?

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But hold on.

I’m not talking about mailing stuff out, because that takes TIME.

And I’m not talking about “buy low and sell high” because that takes MONEY.

I’m talking about after your machine is set up, ZERO time.

I’m also talking about NOT having to buy the “stuff to sell” first.

Even though I teach people to MAKE their own machines, I also show people how to just BUY A SYSTEM that works like an “online vending machine”.

It makes money FOR you when people
buy what the machine sells.

That makes sense to most people, because you can just imagine every time you have bought something from a vending machine, that the owner must have made money right?

So- it’s the same thing online. You can just have a website, and when people buy something from it (even if they buy someone else’s product), you make money.

If you’ve read this far, by now you are probably thrilled to know that I posted a FREE video for a limited time, and you can watch it here:



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So- If you haven’t clicked the link by now, then you’re scared of something.

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P.S.- If you’re more of a “thinker” than a “doer”, then get my book here, and read about all the other options you have!

AMAZON Just Changed the “Subscriber Game”- Again. Here’s How It Will Affect Actors

I KEEP saying it- Being an actor is DIFFERENT now.


And STREAMING is where it’s going.


You see, the networks have to rely on people knowing

when their show is, or looking it up on demand after it aired,

but STREAMING services have a different model:






They want to get paid when they’re sleeping, and have

a MONTHLY subscriber base to pay them.


And that’s what I teach people to do also.


But AMAZON just changed the game on everyone.

My friend was cast in an Amazon TV show last year, shot an entire
SEASON of episodes- she got paid of course, but if you know
about the “streaming” contracts…
Television used to pay really well….
Streaming doesn’t…
and which way do you think it’s going in the future?
So she’s out looking for work again.
Because she gets paid ONCE… and not as well as what we used to get paid for an entire SEASON of television.
She has no subscribers.
But Amazon does have subscribers, don’t they?
They just UPPED their “subscriber game” too.
You see, I have booked ZERO tv or film this entire year-
but I’ve done shows and made videos:and gotten paid from SUBSCRIBERS.
I get paid from someone else’s subscriber game.
(Wanna learn how to do that? WATCH THIS HERE)
But now AMAZON is offering SHOWTIME and STARZ
They just UPPED their subscriber game.
So they get paid whether or not they are open.
Because if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you are PAYING
a subscription, right?
And even if you NEVER watch it- THEY STILL GET PAID.
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Well, learn how to do this for 50% OFF right now:
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new show- they’re going to get MORE SUBSCRIBERS.
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Why Tobey Maguire REFUSED Spider-Man- Until This

Did you know that Tobey Maguire TURNED DOWN the offer
to audition for Spider-Man when they asked him to?
Why would he do that?
I’ll tell you in a minute but first: 
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