Sheila Says You Won’t Read This Whole Post

This is probably the biggest sticking point with actors and people who are used to having a job instead of being a business person. I absolutely have to address it:

They don’t know the difference between spending and investing.

Here’s an example:

An actor will bitch and moan about “spending” money on a head shot because it’s “just a picture.”

They have a point. It is just a picture.

But to someone who understands that it’s part of how their business is represented, it is far more than just a picture.

It becomes an investment in their business.


You see, that picture may get you into more auditions than the head shot your friend took, and therefore make you more money.

A lot more money.

Therefore that good head shot that you paid a lot for is WORTH more to you and your business.

If you book a commercial that makes you $50,000, then how much is that head shot worth?

The problem is, you never can tell.

It may not have anything to do with your head shot.

It may have nothing to do with anything.

But then again, it might.

So you HAVE to invest… If you’re running a business.

If you’re just hoping people come to see your play in the church basement, then none of this matters. Then it’s just an expense. Then you have a hobby. Let’s do another:

How much is a class “worth”?

If a class for clowning teaches you how to be a clown, and you learn it, and then you get a job as a clown because of it- the class was worth thousands of dollars, wasn’t it?

If you want to be a factory worker, then the clown class is worthless to you, even though it might make work more fun.

Did you go to college?

How much is college “worth”?

Well, it depends on what kind of return you are expecting. Some people go to school in order to get a better job. Sometimes that works out. Sometimes it doesn’t.

A very good friend of mine went to USC for film, and when he got out, he didn’t get a big film job, and now he owes $125,000 at 8% interest.

That didn’t work out for him.

Some are lucky enough to get a job when they come out of school to find out that the money they make is less than what they owe in student debt!

Others go “just ‘cuz that’s what people do!”

The experience and it’s “worth” all depends on what you are expecting as a result, right?

So- if you buy the No More Waiters Gold Package, and never use any of the knowledge, then you “spent” money.

But when you buy it and actually apply the information in it, let it springboard you to get free from your day job, go on to a profitable career as an artist, and live the life of your dreams, how much is that “worth”?

Let me give you another example if that last one was too… “salesy” and “self-serving” for you to accept the wisdom in it.

When Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women came out (the Star Trek book I wrote), I knew I wanted to make a big splash and sell a lot of copies.

I found some info online, and eventually found an expert who teaches some techniques for book promotion, and to talk with her was….


For an Hour.

$1000 for an hour.


Was I an idiot?

Was I a sucker?

What on EARTH could she possibly say that would be worth $1000 an hour?

I know most people reading that would be absolutely shocked to think that it might be worth it.

But let’s do the math…

If I have a book to sell, and I make $7 per book, if I use her techniques, how many books would I have to sell to make an extra $1000?

About 143 books.

So, if I thought that her advice would help me sell an extra 143 books, it would be worth it.

It was.

In fact, I sold several hundred extra copies just because of that conversation.

Not only that, it was knowledge that I didn’t have before, so I had it for the NEXT book I wrote.

And the one after that.

So then how much was it “worth”?

A lot more than $1000

It was priceless.

Probably one of the best investments of $1000 I’ve ever made.

Does that make sense?

In fact, although I got a lot out of the hour I spent with her, it was really just one sentence in that conversation that made all the difference.


So, hopefully you get the idea that there is a difference between “spending” your money on some stupid thing and “investing” in your own mind and business.

Wait- Invest in your MIND?

I buy a ton of courses and information about how to do things better because almost every one has a little nugget that I can use to build my business, or expand my mind.

In my No More Waiters courses, I show several small ways to make money without a day job, so you can go be a full-time actor like I did.

It cost me thousands of dollars and years of time to make it simple to understand and easy to get started.

There are several of those priceless “One Sentences” in my videos, but many people miss them because they aren’t looking for them.

They’re looking for the “get rich and get famous” result.

As a professional business owner whose business is the service of creating and embodying characters that serve a director’s vision, you must realize that you will have to continue to learn more and gain more knowledge so you can apply it.

STOP- Did you get that just now?

Did you read the PRICELESS sentence I just dropped in there?

The definition of the actor’s business.

The whole “Service of creating characters….” thing.

Missed it? Read it again.

Did you already quit reading because you “know” everything?

Then my courses aren’t for you.

You see, I like helping people who understand what an investment is.

Because the REAL investment is always in your MIND.

It’s not the house, or the business, or the website that makes you money- it’s the knowledge that you applied that does it

Just like acting.

I’m a better performer now because I have been practicing for years. But I got started back then. I had to GET STARTED.

I had to INVEST in learning to quit my day job, then I had to INVEST the time and energy to be on stage and on camera.

I didn’t SPEND money on books and courses- I INVESTED in my mind.

What are YOU spending your money and time doing?

Working a job?

Waiting tables?

Watching babies?

Walking dogs?

I hope this blog post has gotten you to think about a number of things, and mainly that you invest your money and time into getting one of my books and courses.

That’s right- I INVESTED the time and energy into writing this so that YOU would INVEST back into me.

The right people will… many already have.

If that’s you, you’ll CLICK HERE and buy the No More Waiters Gold package right now.

If not, that’s fine. If you read this far, by now you want to. So you will later.

Bold, huh? That’s right.

Pushy? That’s right.

“Salesy”? Yup.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my TIME and investing it.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my MONEY and investing it.

Because I’ve learned the difference between spending my LIFE and investing it.

I hope you choose to do the same.

Oh- and while you’re at it, SHARE THIS and invest in OTHER people who will benefit from hearing it.

Or, just acknowledge that you SPENT time reading it.


Why Some Actors Will Never Work At A Restaurant Again!

“There are two kinds of Actors- Those who bring the check to the table, and those who GET THE CHECK in the mail.”- a quote from the ABC NEWS story here.


Hundreds of Actors in New York and Los Angeles are earning money in other ways aside from waiting tables or bartending, and they have one man to thank for it:

Bones Rodriguez– Author of “No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job

“I tell people all the time” Rodriguez says, “Once they get the idea that they don’t have to trade their time for money, the pursuit of the acting career is far easier”.

Rodriguez is an actor in New York city, and has been seen in dozens of commercials which have earned him almost $400,000 throughout his career, so he’s no amateur.

He confesses that he hasn’t pursued film and TV like he should, but that all changed recently after going in for a Network Test for an ABC Pilot.

This is my "Business" Smile
This is my “Business” Smile


“I realized that although I was comfortable doing commercials, it was time to expand” he says, “But I also know that there are people who need help getting out of the gate, and that’s who my book is for.”

It’s easy to assume Rodriguez is running some “get rich quick scheme”, but the truth is that he is just teaching a number of ideas, and the myriad of ways an actor can get paid.

One very simple idea is to create “online vending machines” that sell something that someone else makes.

“When I tell people that I help them make money without a day job, they assume I mean some crazy scam, but when I say ‘think of a vending machine’, it becomes clearer.”


He has dozens of great testimonials for his No More Waiters book and courses, and there are several videos on Youtube preaching the gospel.

If you like the idea of not having a day job, so you can pursue an acting career, then look at the testimonials, and allow yourself to be enlightened.



(Part 2) The Producers Guide To The Perfect Headshot, Part 2


Recently, I wrote a blog post about headshots that a lot of people found helpful and insightful. 

It kinda went viral among the professional actor crowd, and people left me great feedback, and shared it around the interwebs.

I am pretty proud of that, and it made me want to write some more.

I’m glad I wrote it, but I can’t take all the credit; I was just reporting on what I had learned from Bob Fraser, from all his years as an actor, director, and producer before he passed away.


People started emailing me and messaging me privately on facebook, and wanted me to look at their headshots and all of that, but I kinda shy away from it because the entire philosophy around my business is helping actors take control of your own business and your own life.

And yet, of course people want advice and help!

So, rather than write to everyone individually, I had people post their headshots in the comments of a different facebook post, so I got to see a lot of people’s headshots.

They ranged from the veteran professional, to the newbie, to the retired person looking to start a new career.

(Add yours to the post by clicking here)

You might also want to check out “No More Waiters” graduate Ashley Wool’s facebook group: “Headshot Critique For Actors


But here’s the thing.

I don’t ask ACTORS what they think of my headshots, because they aren’t the people who BUY my services as an actor.

You get it?

That’s why I like Bob Fraser’s work so much because he was a DIRECTOR and also the person with the REAL power- a PRODUCER.

So, I am here passing on tips from a PRODUCER.

Download My FREE HEADSHOT CHECKLIST by clicking here.

Since people enjoyed the last post so much, I figured I’d deliver a “part 2” to the training he did:



Although I mentioned this idea in the last post, it means a lot more than just as a footnote.

It should inform the entire shot.

And to that affect, Bob Fraser had a lot to say about how to CROP your pictures for maximum effect.

A lot of people get their headshots to kind of be a “one stop shot” of themselves, and want to use it for many different purposes.

This makes total sense, and my friend Lisa Gold, who is an excellent acting business coach says that actors should use ONE shot over and over so that casting directors learn it.

But, let’s take a look at two in particular, and please remember that this is my opinion based on what I THINK would be Bob’s opinion, and he even said that the opinion isn’t worth much.

He said to concentrate on whether it WORKS or not.

Again, this is just my opinion of what I THINK someone else’s opinion MIGHT be.

This is Mary Looram, she is getting back into the business, and posted this headshot on that thread:

Mary Looram1


But Bob Fraser said that what you want to do is CROP the picture so that your EYES and FACE are the focal point, and to CONNECT with the camera.

She’s a lovely woman, and her smile is certainly a nice one.

But look at all that SPACE above her head.

Her folded arms aren’t really making me come closer to her, and her shirt is a little distracting.

Isn’t she also kinda F A R   A W A Y to connect with her?

So, I took her picture and just CROPPED it a bit to bring her close in, and concentrate on that beautiful smile, and those warm eyes that really make you feel like she’s about to hug you!


Mary Looram


Don’t you want to call this woman in? Even if it’s just to make you cookies!

Again, just my opinion of what I think someone else’s opinion MIGHT be.

But you take a look side by side, and tell me who YOU’d rather call in:

Mary Looram1   




To illustrate this further, let’s take a look at another one,

this time a man, Alvin Kershaw:

Alvin Kershaw1

This is another case of being a great smile, but so far away!

His body also fades into the background because he’s wearing that black shirt.

What if we CROPPED away the unnecessary stuff, and just captured that radiant, friendly face:

Alvin Kershaw

 Wouldn’t you want this guy to come over and have a beer with you?

 How about to come in, and read for the “fun black friend” of the white guy superhero?

I mean, we HAVE to have to know that our  white guy super hero is “down”, and has black friends… in jail, right?

(Ahem, Ant Man)


So, let’s call this guy in for that.

Let’s see them side by side, and tell me who you’d call in:

Alvin Kershaw1  Alvin Kershaw 

Well, here’s the final note on all of this, again, just stuff I learned from Bob Fraser.

No matter what your headshot looks like, they will call in the guy they KNOW with a bad headshot before the guy they DON’T know with a great one.

I mention this because someone on that facebook thread said that he has booked  number of  films without ever having a headshot, and some of the actors in the group kinda jumped down his throat.

But I said that if he can get in the room without one, then GREAT- that’s where you WANT to be!



When the people who NEED your services know who you are, and want for YOU to come in and show what you can do for them, that’s the WHOLE point of being in business!

And remember- we’re in BUSINESS.

So, use your headshot as the best flyer advertisement for your service business that you can!

If you appreciated the time I took to write this out and would like to show me, then leave me a comment, and SHARE IT so other people can benefit from Bob’s advice!

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

Bones Rodriguez



That Time 4 Lesbians Kicked Me Out Of The Audition

Is it OK that I called them lesbians?

It just makes the story better is all.

You’ll see…


My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I’m an actor born and raised in New York City where I live with my wife and son. We live on the upper west side where I grew up, but New York is a much different place than when I was growing up here.

I was very upset when Disney changed 42nd street because all through my adolescence I was looking forward to being old enough to go to the porn stores and pick up a hooker or something.

I had big goals.

But the reason I tell you all of that is to let you know that I say what’s on my mind.

New Yorkers are said to be rude, but actually we’re just “truthful”.

That’s one reason I haven’t made the move to Hollywood yet.

The other is that Spielberg hasn’t called yet.

Been there, lived there, shot stuff there, but haven’t made the switch.

I like when people tell you what’s on their mind instead of lying to your face, and talking trash behind your back. I recently found out that a casting director has been doing that because of a comedy choice I made in a recent audition.

I told a new actor that, and she was horrified “Oh no… you men you’re BLACKLISTED?!?!” like it was the end of my life or something.

It made me think of this story:

“That Time 4 Lesbians Kicked Me Out Of An Audition”

So this is back when I was still non-union doing the hustle of freelancing with different commercial agents. When one called me, I made sure to tell the others that “so and so beat you to me”.

That’s a tip. Always let them know when they missed out on making money with you.

I was getting pretty popular as this “ethnically ambiguous” smiley guy;

  • If you want someone definitely black, it isn’t me (even though I partly am).
  • If you want someone definitely latino, it isn’t me (even though I totally am)
  • If you want someone definitely Arabic/middle eastern/Egyptian, it isn’t me (even though I have great eyelashes)


When you want all three looks while only paying for one- I’m your guy.

Especially if you wanted him to sound “ethnic, but not too ethnic”.

I can say that.

Directors can’t; they try, and they speak in code words like “urban” or “standard”. I even had one guy tell me to “white it up”, but hey- I knew what he meant, I did it, and I got paid.

But this time I was going in for HARLEY-DAVIDSON.

Y’know, the motorcycles.

No, I’ve never been on one.

Never on a Harley,

Or a Davidson.

Or a motorcycle for that matter.

Remember, I was born and raised in New York City.

But… I guess they called me in because they wanted to… expand their demographics?

Maybe there weren’t enough Black/Latino/Arabs riding Harleys.

Whatever. I am used to subway surfing, so it’s probably the same thing, right?

I walk into Don Case casting (I even remember that Tisha was running it), and there were 4 nicely dressed pant-suit women at the desk behind the camera.

I say pant-suit women because I expected Harley Davidson execs to be beer guzzling zz top looking guys.

But no,  just some… pant-suit women.

I walked in with a few other guys, all wide-eyed at the idea of booking a commercial.

I had already been full-time for a while.

So Tisha says: “Ok Bones, this is pretty simple, we just want  you to imagine you’re getting on a Harley for the first time, and we want to see what that feels like..”


And one of the Pants-Suits says “Yeah, like you get a boost of confidence.”

Another one says “Like you feel like a super-hero all of a sudden”

and there was a little bit of a chorus of words in the room, until one just said “Do you know what we mean?”

and I said exactly what I thought they meant, exactly what you are thinking:

“Yeah, I get it- like my Dick just grew bigger…”


Not even a giggle.

I mean, like I whipped it out to show them or something!


Chug a beer, crush it in your hand, and throw it at the suit while you drive away with his girlfriend, HARLEY DAVIDSON?

Apparently not.

Actually, one of the other actors started to nod his head like he was about to say the same thing, but when he heard the din of silence that followed my delivery, he froze in place.

Tisha cleared her throat, and walked over to the camera, and just said “and.. action”.

Not Tisha

I knew the job was lost, but I’m a pro.

I acted as if my dick had grown bigger.

Not too much (don’t want to frighten anyone away), but just a little bit.

Big, confident smile.

But remember that scene in TOTAL RECALL when the Arnold is about to give up (wait-you knew I was talking Arnold and not Colin, right? RIGHT?) but then he sees the bead of sweat going down the guy’s forehead?

That was me. The guy who Arnold shoots in the head right before the walls come crashing down, and he has to escape before the mind police come and get him.

Except it was the pant suits who shot me in the head, and the door opened with a “Thank You” before I could even say “I’ll be (at the call) back”

Terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger joke. I should really delete that.

As I left, I saw the pant-suit women all start kissing each other and making out as the door closed.

 I may have made that last part up, but that’s why I thought they were lesbians.

Nothing else.

So what’s the end of the story?

You’re probably hoping that my dick reference got me the job, but I’m sorry to say that I have yet to book a job because of my dick.

Not an ACTING JOB at least (wink, wink-amirite?)

No, the end of this story is that I dont think I went back to Don Case for years after that.

But the reason I didn’t do that is because I went union, started booking big-ass work, and signed with Paradigm, who I have been with for over a decade.

That huge embarassment made not one iota of difference in my career, and so you should stop worrying about that one stupid thing you did one time.

It happened, move on.

Make them regret not using you.

And EVERYTIME you go into an audition room, I want you to imagine your dick just grew!

If you liked this story, were inspired, or think some other people would benefit from it, SHARE IT, I wrote it to affect people who could use some Information, inspiration, and motivation.

And if you want some more of that yourself, get my book “No More Waiters- How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job


Turning “Labor Day” Into a 7-Day Weekend!

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”
-Said someone who doesn’t celebrate a 3-day weekend.
A lot of my crowd is using this weekend to write, shoot, perform, rehearse or practice their art. 

Trying to GET RID of their “labor” of a day job.I call them “Entreperformers”- Entrepreneurs and Performers.

It’s that DESIRE to do the “work” so much, that you feel like it’s PLAY, and you probably work harder than you would if someone were paying you to do it.
Most people feel that way about SOMETHING.
You probably spend your “Holidays” and your “Days Off” doing it.
Or talking about it.

Or sharing on social media about itOr Blogging about it.

But you likely do NOT get paid for it.
So I’m inviting you to my:
See, for a while I’ve been telling actors and other performers that we can actually MONETIZE our art ourselves.
Without Waiting tables, waiting for perfection, or waiting to be discovered.
My tagline is “There are two kinds of actors- those who bring the check to the table, and those who get the check in the mail… Which Do You Want To Be?”
But I don’t want this to be some big ad for my special sale that you should buy right now. (Wink)
My friend and client Michael Mingoia wrote me a great message last night:
Bones– thank you for your most recent blog post. You’ve reminded me and inspired me to work on my passion project instead of taking a day off from doing what I already love to do! “Labor Day” will be my official “Productivity Day!”
It inspired me.
Weird, right?
He was inspired by me, and then he turned around and inspired me back.
That’s how it works. You can be the SOURCE for what you want. If you want love, someone. If you want a punch, punch someone.
His email (about my email) got me thinking about the people I haven’t reached yet.
Recently, I did a 4-week course teaching how you can blog about, and monetize your art, your hobby, and your playtime.
It’s a simple idea: Bring certain kinds of people together, and let them buy stuff from people who give you a commission.
So, if you’re a cat lover, and you can make a blog about cats, you can find products that cat lovers will buy, and get a commission when cat lovers buy them.
Simple, right?
And if you’re an artist, maybe you bring together a certain kind of person through your art- those people buy stuff too.
You can make money without selling out, without being a shill, and without trading your hours away everyday.
So today is Labor day, and I’m about to go out with my wife and son to the park to play with bubbles and in the sprinklers.
A lot of people will be doing that today.
But we’ll be doing it tomorrow too.
And if I get called for an audition, I can just go.
And if I want to shoot a video tomorrow, I will.
Or write a blog post, or talk about Star Trek, or play HALO, or kiss my wife, or change a diaper, or create a new website, or write a new book, or see my mom, or whatever.
But tomorrow, I definitely won’t LABOR.
So, if you go back to work tomorrow (or are even sad that you won’t be), I want you to maybe take a second and look around at what you might make into a business for yourself.
If you’re an actor, you’ll probably enjoy my book and videos, but if not, you might really like the “get paid to blog about what you love” idea.
Have a great day, and I hope you share this so YOU can be the source of inspiration for someone else.
– Bones, the guy who wants you to have a 7-day “Anti-Labor” weekend!!

How and Why Some Women Are Becoming “Unstoppable”

It’s 2015, and somehow we’re still talking about why women don’t earn the same as men in some jobs.

Nobody actually thinks that a woman should be paid less for doing the same job, but that’s where the rub is:

Whether or not they are actually doing the same job.

Should a woman who works as a factory worker, who does the same amount of work as a man get paid the same?


But what if she’s a mid-level executive who pushes paper and has no definitive way to qualify her work?

Then it’s questionable.

What if the pay is based on your negotiation skills when the job offer came up?

And what if they person hiring is a man who is captivated by the applicant, and wants to date her, so he offers a lot more money?


Well then- all bets are off, right?

But there’s one place where NONE of that matters:


Women who run their own businesses get paid whatever the market pays them, and they understand this,

And many look forward to this level-playing field.

When you have your own business, you are paid by your results- that’s it.

There are many, many successful woman entrepreneurs and it seems that the field is growing.

One of my friends, Noha Waibsnaider founded PEELED SNACKS back in 2004, and through all sorts of ups and downs and through bearing two children (I can barely manage the one I have!), she has made Peeled Snacks a brand recognized all over the country.

Some people call her “Unstoppable“.

And it’s a trait that many women have.

Especially Moms.

Something about their ability to organize, prioritize, and commit to a goal and a dream of raising a child really translates to the business-owner character.

I’m an Entrepreneur, and a Dad, and I know that I could probably use a little help in these areas!

I just watched a training for entrepreneurs called “The Unstoppable Dream” by two successful home-based business women, Rhonda Swan and Tracy Walker.

It’s a fantastic training on organizing your home-based business, and getting started right away from scratch, all the way to becoming million-dollar earners.

Even with a family.

If you’re anything like me, you want to watch it too.

The bite-size lessons not only break down some of the tactics and strategies, but also the attitudes and perspectives that will help home-based entrepreneurs succeed.

And by the way- Let me re-iterate:

It’s a training not just for “Women” Entrepreneurs, but for ALL Home-based Entrepreneurs who want to succeed further and become UNSTOPPABLE:

I watched it immediately.

If you want to succeed in your own home-based business, even if you have no clue what to do yet, WATCH THIS TRAINING RIGHT NOW, and you will find out:

  • The exact marketing strategies 6 & 7 figure income earners right now to make money,
  • How to tap into a multi-BILLION dollar traffic source and get high quality prospects flocking to you like bees to honey,
  • How to KEEP the money you make by avoiding these deadly money pitfalls most folks make


It’s only through investing in yourself and your mind that you can become an UNSTOPPABLE Entrepreneur also.



Shock! As Americans Bought 21 Million Snoop Dogg Albums, Violent Crime Fell 53 Percent!

Lately, I’ve been very conscious of the crazy ways that the NRA and the Gun Marketers manipulate their audience into believing the craziest things.

I have been pretty Anti-Gun since Sandy Hook, and it really only takes a few minutes to really LOOK at the ways the “pro-gun profiteers” lie, cheat and manipulate the facts to generate more profit from death.

Or more death from profit.

So, someone tagged me on a post from the NRA today, and it was such a glaringly obvious logic fallacy, that I was SURE no one would be so dumb as to believe it.

Here it is:

I was wrong.

Maybe at FIRST look, it goes past your brain, and makes you think “hmm, maybe that’s true…” and then you realize that it is RIDICULOUS.

But here’s the scary part:

The comments underneath it:

These were the comments DIRECTLY under- I didn’t “find” good ones and splice them together. 

There are THOUSAND of these comments.

I mean, is this the type of “responsible gun owner” whose feelings I’m supposed to validate?

Am I supposed to value their opinion about how we make laws to bring down the 32,000 gun deaths a year?

Not only am I disgusted that this fiction was written, but the fact that it was published and promoted on the hyper right-wing propaganda website makes me terrified, and sad for the otherwise good people being turned into slaves for the corporate agenda of gun sales.

They do this to people for profit.

So, I commented for my friend, who “just wanted my opinion” on the “article”:

and so I got to thinking… What else happened since 1993?

Of course, Snoop Dogg came out with “Doggystyle”,

and nothing has been the same since!

Even though “Gangsta Rap” had been around for a bit, it wasn’t until Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre released this crucial cross-over album that has obviously made an impact on the youth.

And of course, the various waving of gang signs, waving of peace signs, and the “Throw ya guns in the air” chants from the likes of ONYX have stemmed the violence throughout the country.

This began the real rap into mainstream, and White rap fans bought the albums in droves, making sales of all gangsta-rap grow significantly throughout the 90’s.

It seems that the same homicidal maniacs who would otherwise have been killing people chose to listen to Snoop Dogg, NWA, Biggie and Tupac instead.

The message is clear:
More Hip-Hop, less crime.


The overarching message is simple—more Snoop Dogg, less crime. Americans have purchased “21 million Snoop Albums” since 1993, and violent crime has decreased as Album ownership has increased.

All hail the DoggFather!!