This Infographic Shows Your Chances of “Making It” As A Musician… And It Ain’t Pretty

I came across this Infographic from an article on “Information Is Beautiful”, and it breaks down the various ways that a musician can make the paltry minimum wage of $1,260 a month.

First of all, I think it’s interesting that the goal in this graphic was to make the minimum wage, as if already giving into the idea that musicians will be poor. However, since that pretty much squares up with most people’s realities, it seems appropriate.

So, here’s the graphic, but then I’m going to tell you about my own theories for musicians as we continue into this digital music age. Here’s a hint: Music has ZERO financial value… and never did.

First, the picture:

To me, the best way would be to sell individual CDs of course, just because of the sheer volume, but some people might feel totally opposite. I think that finding CLOSE, HARD-CORE FANS is the way for a musician to earn money these days.

There’s a lot of talk about finding “1,000 True Fans”, who would pay $100 ayear, or more for a close relationship with an artist. 

The way “Patrons” used to, or the way Patreon does it now.

Because Music has NEVER had any financial value.

Before recorded music, it was only of value to keep people in a bar, or just as entertainment for the masses, and a musician might make money playing some popular song he heard somewhere.

Once recorded music hit, we paid to hear the song, but we paid for the MEDIUM the music was on- record, tape, CD.

Every song cost the same, no matter it’s “quality”- it was the MEDIUM we paid for.

Now that everything is just digital, what exactly are we paying for? I can hear just about any song on YouTube for free, because that’s probably the way I heard it to begin with. 

So what is the modern musician supposed to do?

Create EXPERIENCES for their audience. 

Phish does it- they play different concerts all the time, and they are jam packed. People download special recording, buy album art, clothes. special EVERYTHING.

In fact, if you go see a show live, you get the downloads for FREE.

Smart, right?

And they have cultivated thousands of fans who spend way more than $100 a year with them.

So, there’s my advice- instead of trying to make money with your “notes”, give the people the EXPERIENCES they crave, and that your music can provide.

I wrote more about this HERE, and if you’re a musician who wants to be ahead of the curve for the future and the internet world, I say to start a music-centered blog HERE.

Go make art!!


How to Sell Cold Water to Hot People

It’s 90 degrees in New York City, and the tourists are melting.

They rent bikes, go for rides in the park, and can barely make it up the hills while trying out their brand new selfie-stick they bought to impress the social media world.

They’re tired, sweating, and need refreshment.

So why aren’t they buying your water and gatorade?

I biked past these two guys on my way to the gym several weeks ago, and I felt compelled to stop them and give them some tips on street selling.

Street selling takes guts, energy, and persistence.

These two kids had all of those.

But they were lacking IMAGINATION.

I say that because they were doing the same ol’ “Water, Gatorade here” chant that they have heard other people do when selling their water to random people in the street.

The problem is, that when you sound like the other guy, you don’t get heard.

And frankly, when you sound like the other guy who kinda sounds a little “this-is-new-york-and-there-are-thieves-and-scams-everywhere”, the tourists would rather not take that chance.

Y’know what I mean, it’s the same tone of:

“‘Scuse me ladies and gen-lemen,

but ah’m sellin’ candy for mah baske-bawl team”,


with a look of threat, or boredom, or like he hates doing it.

The guard goes up, and the disbelief is instant: “This kid is lying, scamming, and I don’t trust him- don’t buy”

If you hear a “meow”, you assume it’s a cat.

So, I told them that if they want better results, they can’t sound like those other guys.

If you want people to buy your stuff you gotta:




Make ‘EM Laugh!



…And sell them some water!

(It’s also how I got you to read this post- A funny title, a provocative picture… see?)


Then we got to talking about why I had this advice for them, and they prospected me for their Forex MLM, which I was glad to see that they were interested in doing it, AND that they had the guts to prospect me.

I explained that I used to do Amway back in the day, and that now I sell my own courses, books, and trainings.

We ended up talking for a while, and I really enjoyed inspiring them to keep on the path of self-improvement and settings goals and dreams.

The talk actually inspired ME some more.

If you want something in life, GIVE IT to people, and you will experience having it!!


So- next time you see someone with some potential, INSPIRE THEM to do better- it may make YOU even better!


How To Market Your Book, And Make It Into A Business!

Recently, one of my students and clients for No More Waiters wrote a children’s book, and asked me for some advice on promoting it and making money with it.

As I always say: “Making the Art is the easy part- SELLING IT is the hard part”

But I had a bunch of recommendations for her, and since many of my students have created their own books, I thought I’d make a video to help all of them at once:


I have a few points for all of them:

  • Be specific about WHO wants your book
  • BUILD A LIST with your book of people who are interested in your topic
  • Have a website and/or blog for your book where people can sign up on your list
  • Sell the list OTHER things they may be interested n

Here are the member’s books- Buy Them!



And if you’d like to see my kids books as an example to follow:


Finally, if you haven’t written a book yet, but want to do it in 30 days, then I recommend MY own course to do it- it’s super affordable for ANYONE to get started:





This Video Makes Me Like AUSTRALIAN Actors Even More!

So I met this guy online…

Wait…Not like that.

I mean, that he sent me a friend request,
and sends me a very cool video as a testimonial for my course for actors.

Wait- for real…


Do you know how often I speak to American Actors who bitch and moan about everything?


I mean, they aren’t seen for this, they are angry because someone else got the job, because no one recognizes their “GENIUS” acting abilities (mostly because they aren’t doing anything), and it gets so tiring.

This guy Chris is taking the opportunities that are in front of him, and he’s out working. Then he comes home, learns some more from me and my course, and then makes me a video:


Gotta love that.

So I called him, and we chatted for a bit about what he’s learned, and how he wants to apply what he’s learned so far.

We had a GREAT conversation.

Because he’s excited for his future, he’s moving forward…


and he’s got a REALLY FUNNY ACCENT.



What about YOU?

Are you too busy bitching and moaning, or are you focusing on the good stuff in your life?

I know that I’m guilty of “poor me” syndrome on occasion.

I can get real down about when something doesn’t work out the way I want it to.

(And that’s most of the time)

But fortunately, I get to be a mentor to people to keep me excited and optimistic.

People like Chris, Ronald, Miranda, and a few others who are all motivated by me, and yet motivate me too.

Find yourself a good group to hang out with- in person or virtually, and let them spark your fire.

Soon enough, you’ll be sparking theirs, and all of you will encourage and motivate each other.

It’s called “Being the Source”:

Whatever you want in life, be the source of it for others.


  • If you want motivation, then motivate others.
  • If you want a hug, hug others.
  • If you want LOVE, love someone else.
  • If you want a punch in the mouth, punch someone in the mouth!

 So, next time you feel like it’s all worthless, remember to show gratitude for something or someone- they might need it too!

And if you want something to be grateful for, come learn to quit your day job and become a full-time actor.

Then YOU can make a video for me too! 


 P.S.- Don’t be mad at me for luring you here with Hugh Jackman. This post was still totally worth it!

Ok, OK, you can see more here.


(Did I say what you would see?)


Guns Are Roaches

Imagine a long executive table, and Jimmy the new guy walks into the room…

There’s an extravagant lunch prepared for the meeting, and there are gun marketers all around a table, coming up with slogans and ways to fool the American audience into buying more of their products.

“Guns Kill People… Dead” Says one 300 pound executive, his mouth full of lobster, “To borrow from RAID”

“No, No, No… Too Obvious!” Says the older man at the front, puffing on his oxygen tank. “If I had grandkids, they’d see through that one!”

“Guns… Don’t Leave Home Without Them!” says another guy, standing up with rib stains all over his shirt

“That’s a good one!” We can use that in some internet marketing pieces- people would be dumb enough to think it’s funny!

“But what do we do when people get killed with our products?” asks Jimmy.

The room stops.

There’s a pause, and then they all explode in a loud guffaw.

Struggling to catch his breath, the old man says

“That’s when we get free publicity, and sales go UP! We just tell them to get MORE guns…” He wheezes to catch his greedy, gluttonous breath “… To ‘protect’ themselves!”


“Never underestimate the power of fear to drive away someone’s intelligence… Just cash the check, and wait for the next shooting, Jimmy!”

How I Blogged Myself Out Of A Day Job!

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I have been a full-time actor for over 15 years.

I’ve been on TV, stage and you’ve probably seen me in dozens of commercials.

But I’m not the “usual” actor story.

Instead of waiting tables like most other actors, I learned to make money with the internet by blogging, and creating what I call “Online Vending Machines”.

These “online vending machines” sell other people’s stuff for me, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s crazy, and I didn’t think it would work, but I tried it anyway.

And y’know what? It worked!

That’s why I haven’t had a day job in over a decade- I’m FREE to do what I want.

So really, I’m a “full-time” whatever I want.


A full-time actor, full-time Author, Full-Time Father… WHATEVER I WANT.

A few years ago, I wrote a book for actors to teach them how to do it too, but since other kinds of people wanted to know, I did a live webinar to teach people.

The video is below- It’s about an hour, so maybe you should take notes.

The coolest part though?

It’s actually ON my blog!


“How I Blogged Myself To A Full-Time Income!”

(Press Play, and go FULLSCREEN)


“There are 2 kinds of people in the world- those who get bills in the mail, and those who GET CHECKS in the mail.

Which do YOU want to be?”

I decided a long time ago that I couldn’t have the life I wanted if someone else controlled my money and my time.

So, I chose to learn to make money without trading time for it.

That may sound impossible at first, but if you think about a vending machine, when you buy something from it, the owner made money even though they weren’t there.

I built my blog on MY time- when I wanted to.

You’ll learn how to create “Online Vending Machines”, and a BLOG can be one.

But when you say that, a lot of people think that you make money from a blog just with ads- that’s the AMATEUR way to do it, and you have to create OCEANS of traffic to make any money.

In this video, I show you how to make a full-time income with a blog- so you can be free to audition, shoot, perform, parent, play, write, travel, or SLEEP (unless you’re a parent)!

I normally do $2,000 mastermind sessions where I teach people how to do what I do, and I have great testimonials from very happy people.

But instead of $2,000 masterminds, I have completely changed what I’m doing, and it will be to YOUR advantage, Enjoy the video above, takes notes! 


By the way, this is a secret.

A Producers Guide To The Perfect Headshot

I’ve been a full-time actor for about 13 years now, and I have to admit that I haven’t gotten as many headshots as I should have in that amount of time.

Recently, I’ve decided that it’s time for new headshots, and I wanted to be sure I reviewed some great tips I got from the Late Great Bob Fraser, who was an accomplished actor, director, and most importantly- PRODUCER.


 Bob used to sell a course for actors called “You Must Act”, along with other great courses, and I bought ALL of his stuff- it was always packed of great information, and got me motivated to keep moving.

We were working on creating a product together, because he would teach actors about the business of acting, and I would teach them how to quit your day job, so you can be free to be a full-time actor.

Together, we would have made a great team! I would get people FREE of the day job, and he would make them STARS!

Unfortunately, he passed away a while ago, and his family chose to not make his great products available anymore, so I have chosen to give you some of his tips from his fantastic headshot book “Headshot Secrets”:

The most important part of a headshot is that it LOOK LIKE YOU! As Bob says:


“So your first bit of homework is to take the time, each day, to repeat
the most important and basic mind-set adjustments, until they
become second nature to you:
◊ I look like me.
◊ I must get comfortable with it.
◊ I must use how I look to my advantage.
Here are the first few ‘baby steps’ in adjusting your mind-set:
1. Work hard at becoming ‘okay’ with the way you look.
2. Dump the idea that a headshot gets you work. It
doesn’t. Your headshot will only get you the chance to
sell yourself.
3. Maintain your objectivity.
4. Focus on your REAL goal: Getting IN THE DOOR!”

Bob was very clear that we were in a BUSINESS, and his advice always came from a PRODUCERS point of view instead of as some fellow actor who is also just fumbling along the path.

 You see, too many actors are worried about if they look “good” or not, and should instead be looking at the headshot as an ADVERTISEMENT FOR THEIR ACTING BUSINESS.

He goes on to say this:


“If your headshot doesn’t work, you must get another one.

One more time:
If your headshot doesn’t work, you must get another one.”


Just like if you had an AD that didn’t work for a home business, you’d want to create a new one.

Isn’t that a REVELATION?

Instead of asking if you look “sexy”, you can just ask “Is it getting me in the door?”

Aside from some of the great tips I learned from Bob (Which people who are part of my mastermind have access to), I learned that when you are getting new headshots- it’s YOU who is the business owner- not the photographer, not your agent or manager- that it is all up to YOU.

That YOU should be selling a CHARACTER that you play well. 

Y’know how Paul Rudd is pretty much always playing a version of Paul Rudd?

Or how Chris Hemsworth is pretty much always playing a Hunky guy?

or how Scarlett Johanssen is pretty much always Scarlett Johansson?


THAT’S what the business is.

Sure, you want to have “range” and all of that, but for the BUSINESS, you need to know what you’re selling, and your headshot is the first way people know what you’re selling.

Look PAST the camera, connect with the viewer, and SELL that character!

Also- No Arms, stop cutting off your own head, and get a good photographer for God’s sake!

This is where people tell me that a good photographer is expensive, and I tell them to make money like I do  instead of waiting tables, walking dogs or watching babies!

So many actors don’t want to spend ANY money on their acting career because they think it’s a job- it is NOT a job- it’s a BUSINESS, and you absolutely have to stop being a penny-pinching loser with your business.

Your acting business is starving because you won’t pay for information, services, or anything because you think your “talent” will do it-

and that’s why most headshots suck.

and that’s why most actors careers suck

and that’s why most actors quit

Remember that you are SELLING your acting services, and you’ll have an advantage over all the other “artists” who are penny-pinching, broke and about to quit!

In PART 2 of “The Producer’s Guide To The Perfect Headshot”, I compare people’s headshots with before/afters, and give away the perfect headshot checklist…



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