Excuses and Expectations Destroyed by This 80-Year Old

Excuses, Destroyed.
Expectations, Destroyed.

And I’m Crying:

You can see this woman and her partner being laughed at, and patronized

by the judges and the audience.

Then the whole thing changes, and by the time she speaks near the end of the video,
I was crying happy, but empathetic tears.

So the question is- Who is Doubting YOU?
and what’s worse- when other people do it., or when YOU do it to yourself?

YOU CAN GO FOR IT- I believe in you!!

The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

I love Robert Kiyosaki’s Books.

In fact, I tell people that if they buy Rich Dad Poor Dad and don’t love it, that I will buy it back from them for $1 more than they paid for it.

No One Ever Takes Me Up On It.

But here, I read excerpts from book #2- “The Cashflow Quadrant”

If you wanna hear more, Click Here

Fame, Acting And Porn- Which Is Better?

Some people want Fame, so they become Actors, thinking that it leads to fame.
It might.

But I have a better idea for them…

Some people think that if they just get famous, then all of their problems would be solved:They’d Be RichPeople Would Like ThemAnd They’d Finally Get The Respect They Deserve.
So, they want to become an Actor.
They think, “hey, if I become a successful actor, then I’ll be famous!”. They are wrong of course, because there are many non-famous actors.And these people are cluttering up the audition rooms with their stupidity.Instead, I think if you wanna be famous, be a porn star.

That’s a lot of work too, but at least you have a better shot at it- you can go directly to the consumer that way too!Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter went this route, and it didn’t work out all that well for her… yet- but then again so did Kim Kardashian.You tell me- what do YOU think?
I had a chat with someone today, and I had to get this off my chest- let me know what you think.