Look! The 10 Hottest Chorus Girls From Broadway 2014

YES! The 10 Hottest Broadway Chorus Girls for 2014


Don’t blame me, I didn;t make this list up. I just saw it, and like any red-blooded American Male Who’s Into Chorus, and Broadway- I had to look… right?


Besides, I was kinda hoping to see someone I knew on the list.



What REALLY made me blog about this though, is that Broadway is so desperate to get people into the theatre, they’ll do anything to publicize, and I have to admit it- I think this is a great idea! People who wouldn’t normally take a look will, and will end up finding out about new shows.


Besides, you can even see the Boys too:


No, I’m not on the list… sorry.


The question is- what are YOU willing to do to get people in the seats?

Like my friend Bob Fraser (RIP) used to say “It’s not ‘show business’ it’s the ‘butts in seats business'”


Check out the full list at Time Out, and get your butt into a seat!


The 10 hottest chorus girls opening in Broadway musicals this spring (2014):

What does THIS picture of “Cojito” have to do with your acting career?

When you approach your acting career from the stand point of a business, you may realize different things. For example, this video is all about your headshot and how it conveys your service. That’s right-service. You are an actor, and the service you provice is that you bring life to a character written on a page.
Some people think that we’re products, and I understan that view also- that you are a finished product and can be plugged in to whatever situation. Both are right. But if you want to have a successful acting career, and become a successful actor, you have etter get a headhsot that shows what you do.

Actors vs. Crew- Who works harder?

Actors vs. Crew- A Weird Relationship

There’s a stereotype about the crew and actors not really understanding each other. The Actors often feel like the lighting and minutiae of the technical aspects get in the way of the performance, and the Crew often feel like the actors are just whiny, babyfied talking furniture.

This might settle the debate…

Actors vs. Crew- Who Works Harder? (Entreperformers) – YouTube:

For me, I like to do the best I can, and allow them to do their best. Sometimes I resent the time that the crew can take setting up, but then feeling like I’m not afforded the same time to rehearse or get to use the same amount of time for takes. The opposite happens of course too.

Ultimately though, when you’re thinking like an ENTREPERFORMER, you come to realize that every piece of the puzzle is important to finish the vision of the director. It’s up to the director (and producers of course) what is more important, and we are all working for the same end project.

You’re Booked! Can You Go NOW?

Booked! Can You Go NOW?

When i auditioned, the director said “Perfect!”, which meant to me “There’s no way we’re booking you”.

But guess what? Just as I hadplanned to do some stuff today- BAM! I got the call.

And they needed me for  fitting TODAY:You’re Booked! Can You Go Today?

Could I go? Yup.

What about the dates for the shoot? Yup.

No boss to ask, no shift to cover. Because I make money online instead.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be free enough to say YES and do whatever you wanted?

If you would like to learn how to be FREE, then maybe you should learn from this story and create the life you want!