“Santernet Claus” Brought What You Wanted, So Now What?

I just invented “Santernet Claus”

– It means that the Internet was like Santa Clause in that it has made all of us Artists dreams come true. We ALL have what we say we wanted.

As I read on Seth’s Blog  today, the Internet has made it so that if you said you wanted a way to DO your art without needing the gatekeepers, you can.

 But just because you CAN, it doesn’t mean you will, does it?

It’s terrifying to know that there are no real boundaries to your dreams, because the only thing to fight is your enemy in the mirror- And what if you can’t win that battle?

So, what are YOU gonna do in 2014 now that you can do ANYTHING?

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How To Sell Millions Of Your Own Indie DVD Film- Without Hollywood

How Do You Sell Your Own Indie DVD -Without Hollywood?

Actually, its pretty simple, and in this one-minute video, I give you the example of one such DVD:

So, if you find a niche that’s big enough, serve them, and have them understand that you have their best interests in mind, they’ll buy something from you.

I have a friend who made an indie movie about a nerdy Accountant who eventually learns to fence, defeats the bad guy, and saves the girl.

Do you know how many accountants there are just in the US? About 1.3 Million.

Has he tried to sell them DVDs?

Nope… He’s not an Entreperformer!

Are YOU?

#Xmas Jammies Fantastic Viral Video from Real-Life INCREDIBLES Family

#Xmas Jammies “Real-Life INCREDIBLES” Family Viral Video 

This Holiday Viral Video About #Xmas Jammies is amazing, and although it’s not REALLY from THE INCREDIBLES, this family makes me wanna be Jack-Jack:

I am going to give you a 1:30 video saying WHY this is so great, but maaybe you should watch it first, and afterwards, see my comment on WHY it is perfect for Entreperformers:

Seriously, How FUN was that?

It also uses points from The YouTube Money Machine book that I wrote a while ago:

  1. Cute kids
  2. Hot Mom
  3. Charismatic Dad
  4. Good song choice and lyrics
  5. Fun visuals of recognizable things

So, if THEY can do it- Without ACTUALLY being superheroes, so can You!!


Beyonce and her Secret Album- What I Learned From It

What I learned from Beyonce’s Secvret Album Release…

Beyonce is human. Despite this picture of her, and her talent, and abilities, dammit she’s human.

Or maybe an Angel?

Either way, she dropped a new album like it was a pizza:

And her fans gobbled it up in record time.

If it’s good, I’m sure all of the usual hype machine will be proven wrong, and that actual content is king, just like it should be with ALL ARTISTS.

Like YOU, Like Me.

Cultivate  following, give them stuff, and then ask for them to buy.

Which reminds me-

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Inner Game- Great Mindset For Actors

America, “F*ck Yeah!” Hot Chick Talking About Beer

Hot Actress Chick Talks Beer And America

I met this Entreperformer through Lia Sumerano, who was in “In The Heights” with me as Vanessa (we kissed! *giggles*). However, we made friends waiting at an audition for Aladdin watching some girl in pink tights who was TOO EXCITED to be there.

Ahhhh, drugs.

Joanna Carpenter is a vivacious, energetic woman who has a passion for BEER, and used that passion to create http://www.BravingTheBrew.com where she talks beer and brewing. She took a minute with me at one of her events to talk about why America creates the coolest and most innovative beers in the world. Listen and fall in love with her:

Sign up at her site to come to her next event. I had a great time, learned more about beer, and got to try a lot of different beers… maybe too many?

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The YouTube Rewind 2013- Great Mashup of 2013 Videos

YouTube Rewind 2013- Great Mashup Remix of 2013 Videos

A bunch of great videos that made their mark in 2013, doing what they love to do. There are some great song remixes, and people who you might only catch for a second.

  • Jenna marbles makes a face
  • There’s prancercising in the forest,
  • an easter egg of the breaking bad RV,
  • Some Miley shouts, along with 
  • a ton of stuff I apparently missed this year.

Remember, if you’re looking to be motivated, inspired, and abundant enough to create your own works, that’s the mission here at Entreperformers– Join us and maybe one of these YouTube stars of 2013 will help you! 


What does an ARTIST do with FREEDOM?

The Freedom To Be An Artist…

Thanks to his focus in building our online business, Tony Rush is FREE to pursue art. Heloves jazz, and he’s had the time and energy to produce a Christmas Album with some of his more professional musician friends. 

Isn’t that what we all want?

I talk about being an Entreperformer all the time, and Tony Rush, along with his band has produced their own album…

And Tony doesn’t need the money.

Do you understand?

HE DOESN:T NEED THE MONEY, so he can do whatever he wants.

If you’re a musician, I hope this motivates the hell out of you. Buy the album, enjoy it while you set your goals for the new year!

Reblogged From Our New Christmas CD is Now Available!

After months of work, our brand new Christmas CD is now available! 

Listen to tracks, download from iTunes or order a Limited Edition CD here.

Executive Producer:  Tony Rush
Featured Artist:  Garry Jones

1.  It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
2.  Jingle Bell Rock
3.  The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
4.  Sleigh Ride
5.  Carol Of The Bells
6.  The Nativity Medley
   Silent Night
   Away In A Manger
   The First Noel
7.  O Come All Ye Faithful
8.  It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
9.  Feliz Navidad
10.  All I Want For Christmas Is You
11.  Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

Listen to the tracks, download from iTunes or get your Limited Edition CD at http://www.AChristmasToRememberCD.com