Would you MARCH?

I just finished book one of MARCH, the comic book version of of John Lewis and his part in the civil rights movement.
I teared up a few times thinking about how the commitment to a cause can stir the human soul to amazing heights.

And the cause was just to be treated fairly.

I asked myself what cause would be worth being spat upon for, beaten for, and arrested for.

I hope I never have to find out.

I’d like to thank John Lewis and the other members of the movement who made it possible for us as a community and a country to live a little closer to the perfect union we’d like to become.

Making the story into a comic book was a great idea so that it can reach younger readers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like the world is coming to another bug change, and it might be another revolution that will lead us to the next big thought… That maybe our system shouldn’t be as rigged towards the rich.

My mission? To help educate, inspire, and motivate those who feel left out and forgotten.

Would you MARCH?

Auditioning with Laura Valpey Rodriguez, too exciting to be quirky!

Today I auditioned with my cute wife and boy was a lot of fun!

We went in and we were supposed to be very Wes Anderson but instead I think I was too enthusiastic…

When we talked about Christmas, doing Christmas we have to go all over Seattle to see so much of her family, whereas when we’re in New York, it’s all just my family for one night bang and its over.

Tomorrow I’m auditioning for two different things we’ll see how they go; I am enthusiastic and have to remember to calm it down all the time.

WINNER! The Perfect Breakfast To Look Good Naked Is…

What is the Perfect Breakfast?

Ok, so I know that many people are on the go, and they just want something to eat before they have to be wherever they’re going, and if it does the job then great.

But I also know that many people havecoffee because they want an energy boost to start the day, so they can start making money at whatever they’re doing.

 Well what if you could eat something that were quick, easy, and gave you that boost that also prevents you from being hungry for hours, was easy to digest, and was actually HEALTHY for you?

Wouldn’t that be the perfect breakfast?

The video gives you my recipe for the Perfect Breakfast, and it has everything you need in a meal to get you going- AND provides you with the servings of Fruits and Vegetables you need in the day!

Perfect Breakfast Recipe:
1-2 Cups of Orange Juice

1 Banana (frozen or unfrozen)
1-2 scoops of BIOTRUST Low-Carb Protein Powder
1 Serving of SCOOP OF SEXY Green Drink Powder.

 Optional: 3 Frozen Strawberries, small handful of Frozen Blueberries, or any other frozen fruit you’d like to add for taste or variety.

Blend together and drink it down!

Play with your own recipes, but know that the Banana, the BIOTRUST PROTEIN and the SCOOP OF SEXY make the Perfect Breakfast ingredients so that you can go and be Half-Assed Healthy!

Here’s why- The energy you get from the sugars in the fruits are longer-lasting than the carbs you’ll get from a bagel, and the bagel will eventually put a ring around your belly. Not good naked. The Scoop Of Sexy powder will help to detox and rid your body of the build-up of other foods and non-digestibles because of all of the super-greens in it. The protein is high-quality, and will burn longer, staving off hunger.

If you’d like to know how else to Look Good Naked, buy a copy of  “Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery!” from Amazon.

Looking Good Naked is EASY if you do it Half-Assed!

The “Lost” Star Wars Bloopers are FOUND!!!

Star Wars geeks rejoice! This is the lost video that was recently found of the Star Wars Bloopers you wish you’d seen in the past 35 years! 

Han Solo, Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca- all of them appear in footage you haven’t seen!

I mean, it’s not as fun as a Star Trek Blooper reel, but hey- George Lucas fans will have to take what they can get!

A Lobbyist and a Senator Walk Into A Restaurant… Joke?

We are constatly talking about how our government is failing us. We itch and moan, and yell and scream, but sometimes it takes comedy and art to really get the message across.

After all the hoopla about the government shutdown, and the bribery, and Obama being a secret muslim, maybe it’s time we look at the bigger picture.

What the waiter does at the end is my favorite.

How to blog without blogging

I had someone say “I don’t want to blog!”

But they still wanted traffic and sales.

Well, all I’m doing is REBLGGING someone else’s message.

I didn;t even have to write this!

The “WHY BLOGGING?” Answer that you don’t expect


I was trying to explain to  friend of mine why it was so brilliant that Empower Network is based on the blogging platform, but I just didn’t make it through to him.

This video spells it out in crazy detail.

If the ideas that he talks about in this video are way too “out there”, I understand. Nonetheless, I feel it’s my DUTY to pass it along, and if you really want the POINT, then watch this video, and click here to get started: JOIN HERE

Holy Crap- Russel Brand just won me over BIG TIME.

I haven’t liked Russell Brand’s comedy… I just haven’t ever found it very good or creative. 

And now- WITHOUT jokes, I just listened and watched him blow away a snarky interviewer for a full 10 minutes with RAPT attention:

“If we can engage that feeling and change things, why wouldn’t we?” Brand crescendoed. “Why is that naive? Why is that not my right because I’m an ‘actor’? I’ve taken the right. I don’t need the right from you. I don’t need the right from anybody. I’m taking it.”