Does this apply to White people, or Non-Whites more?

Here’s the thing, I think this applies to EVERY situation where there is someone being taken advantage of.
Every MAN knows that he should come to a woman’s defense if there’s another man abusing her.

It’s the same thing.

If I see a straight person abusing or bullying a gay person, it’s my DUTY to step up and speak.

If you’re in the “privileged” group, you should be working to help the other, and this story demonstrates it wonderfully:

I found it at UPWORTHY: One Easy Thing All White People Could Do That Would Make The World A Better Place:

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Trask Industries: If you know, you know X-MEN!!!

So, this is the new “secret” viral video for the next X-Men movie, “Days of Future Past” which is a commercial for TRASK INDUSTRIES. In the comics, they make the Mutant killing robots THE SENTINELS… Enjoy!

Trask Industries: Your Future – YouTube: “

Why none of my Comic Book friends posted this yet is beyond me!

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OMG- Prince jams a 10-minute “She’s Always In My Hair”, and now I think I’m moving to Denmark


I’ve been a big Prince fan from the 80′s, and straight through even when he stopped calling himself that, to now. Recently though, I’ve also become a big PHISH fan, and really love the experience of their instrumental jams, and improvisational riffs on their own songs.

To see PRINCE do a 10-minute jam of one of my favorite songs is just pure JOY for me:
Watch this video while you can, I’m pretty sure it’ll be taken down at some point.

3RDEYEGIRL – She’s Always In My Hair (The Beautiful Experience – Aarhus, Denmark. Aug 7/2013) – YouTube: “

On YouTube the comments are all about wanting a great full-length PRINCE concert movie, and whether or not fans would buy it. I have to admit that I think they would, but it would need to be an independent release, and I’m not so sure Warner would allow it.

And that’s why more and more people will pirate stuff! Yay for a broken system! By Bones Rodriguez: OMG- Prince jams a 10-minute “She’s Always In My Hair”, and now I think I’m moving to Denmark.

2 Hot Chicks Reenact Family Guys Epic Chicken Fight

The story is that 2 stuntwomen asked the internet to pay them $2800 to reenact the animated fight scene from Family Guy between Peter and “The Chicken”.
Although it’s not shot-for-shot, it’s pretty damn good, and I’m thrilled that it only cost $2800!

And so, there IS a link between sex and violence, since I almost got a blister watching both of these violent femmes…
See what I did there?

Big Thanks to GAWKER: Internet Pays Stuntwomen to Reenact Family Guy’s ‘Epic Chicken Fight’:

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How to Look Hot INSTANTLY

So in Half Assed Health I wrote about the idea that as long as your chest is in front of your belly, you’ll look sexy. That goes for men and women… although it’s easier for women…. because they have boobs.
But this video is all about how angles make a difference when you’re doing a selfie:

The Importance of Angles.gif (240×355):

Yes, this is a photoshopped or something, but it gets the point across, doesn’t it?

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Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex- AMEN!!!

I can’t possibly “like” this short essay enough to express how much I agree with this writer.

I’m not a daddy to a daughter, but I wish this for all the women of the world.

As someone who has sex with women (although lately, only one… which is great…great), I was always confused when someone would want to prevent a woman from their enjoyment of being with me.

I know, it sounds crazy egotistic, and I can even say that not all of them were that blown away (but most were), I sincerely don’t know why even women would continue this backwards idea that women should be trying to prevent their own sharing of sex.

I get it that women can get pregnant, and they need to be more careful than men do, but really- when will we drop this whole “women as sexual property” thing? It’s one of those ideas that no longer applies, but we keep perpetuating it. Anyway, this guy does a better job than I do:

Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex — The Good Men Project:

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You Can Finally BE Jason Statham!

Jason Statham

Have You Ever Wanted to Be Jason Statham?

Don’t be distracted by the Boobs (Did I just say that?), this video is a jaw-dropping
great use of a Go Pro Cam.

Y’know how First-Person Shooters make you feel like YOU’RE the hero in the video game? And how the video game is kinda like a n Action Movie?

This is the First-Person Action Movie you always wanted to star in… if you were Jason Statham:

Yes, I imagine this is a pretty Male-Oriented video, but I think even the ladies can appreciate this picture of Jason Statham:

BE like Jason Statham

And by the way, if you like the way he looks, I hope you realize that I have written a book all about how to get that sculpted shape without having to be a big action hero:


Half Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery!


Here’s the original:
Now This Is How You Use A Go Pro at

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