What is a Murphathon?

You might be asking yourself: What is a Murphathon?

Well, this video will let you in on the details…


Has the way for you to TAKE ACTION and help me help Lauren Murphy.

http://bit.ly/BonesMurphathon -Please sponsor me to help a friend who has suffered a terrible head trauma. Learn more about her journey here- http://caringbridge.org/visit/laurenmurphy/mystory

Join SoHo Experiential for The Murphathon — a night of entertainment & light exercise to benefit our injured colleague, Lauren Murphy. Enjoy complimentary food, drinks & music while participating in an auction and raffle for unique prizes.
In April 2013, one of our best and brightest members of the team, Lauren Murphy, was critically injured when she was struck by a car while jogging in Los Angeles. She underwent emergency medical care to save her life, but that was just the first hurdle of a long road to recovery. The Murphathon benefit event was created to help ease the financial burden for our injured co-worker and her family at this incredibly difficult time.

July 31st, 2013
6:30PM — 9:30PM

The Mercedes Club
550 W. 54th St. (btw 10th & 11th Ave.)
NY, NY 10019
Easily accessible by the 1, N, Q, R, B, D, C and E Trains

To purchase tickets online, please visit: http://bit.ly/BonesMurphathon
Ticket price is $100 per person

“Does Grandpa play with Barbies too?”

I wrote this a while ago, and just found it on my hard drive… I thought I’d share it:

“Does Grandpa play with Barbies too?”

It was a cold, wintry day in an elementary school outside of Boston, and many of the children were wet from the record-breaking snowfall.

My group came in from New York, and we were doing a tour of the Boston area for the week, driving around in a rented van, and staying at a VERY inexpensive motel.

I had no idea I was going to end the day choking down my tears.

We would do an assembly for kids, aged from kindergarten through high school age, and since we did improvisation, the show was always different, fun, and exciting. I had been working with Freestyle Repertory Theatre for a few months, and had become very close with my fellow performers. All of us were just trying to chase the dream, and had found a little slice of it working with each other, making each other and hundreds of kids laugh everyday.

It was a silly, low-paying, acting gig- but hey- it was a full-time acting gig!

We did “Improv games”, similar to what you might see on “Whose line is it anyway”, and one of the games was called “Biography”; We would get a child from the audience, and give them a bell and a horn. We’d act out scenes “from their lives”, and they would direct us with the bell and the horn. They would “ding” if we were on the right track, and “honk” if we were not; we’d change according to their noise.

It’s usually fun, and fantastical; the child would end up “directing” a scene between themselves and a family member, mom, or dad, and they get a million dollar allowance. Or maybe they’d get their talking dog and go save the president. Or maybe they’d rescue a princess, just in time to make it back to school for the big test.

But on this day, we called up “Sally”.

Sally was an adorable little dirty-blonde haired girl, in red dress, that had a dark ring around the hem because the snow had gotten to it. She came up in her white stockings and socks, without her shoes because they were too wet to wear. She seemed to be quiet and shy, but I think something about the promise of seeing a scene from her own life made her raise her hand and volunteer.

She came up and sat in the chair onstage, facing her school mates and all of the teachers.

Often for the shy ones, it takes a second for them to get over the idea of being in front of everyone, but she only looked out there for a minute. She mostly paid attention to “Jamey”, the big boy who was explaining the game to her:

“Ok Sally, Kelly here is going to play YOU in this scene, but I want you to pick who you want ME to play- I can be a friend, a family member, or someone famous- anybody in the world- real or imaginary, dead or alive…”

“Um…. My grandpa who died”


Jamey was a little taken aback, but we realized that it was a wonderful suggestion, and he smiled and said:

“Ok, Sally- Kelly will be you, and I’ll be your grandpa who died….. what was his name?”

Sally shrugged her shoulders and said:

“… Grandpa?…”

We all giggled, suddenly feeling protective of her, and my partner had to wipe her eyes a bit.

I was on the opposite side of the stage, watching all of this, and it was my job to sometimes help the kids along with their decisions if they get stuck. I could feel my throat swell, and as I looked around, I saw some of the teachers put their hands over their mouths, understanding that the moment although very much fun, and kind of funny, had a sweetness that brought us all back to a time when adults were amazing, interesting creatures.

As the scene began, Kelly came out with a camouflage military hat on :

“I’m Sally, and I like to yell orders to people in the army”

She began like this so she could be “honked” by Sally, therefore showing that Sally is NOT like that. Sally looked over to me, wondering what she should do.

I said “Sally- is that like you?


“Then if it’s not like you, do you honk, or ding?”

She honked, and Kelly ran to the back for a different costume- the doctor:

“My name is Sally, and I am a doctor who operates on animals”


Kelly tried again: “My name is Sally, and I like to play in my room with dolls”

Ding! Kelly was on the right track.

“My favorites are my Pokemon”

Honk! Try again Kelly.

“My favorites are my Barbies”


And Sally sat up higher, realizing what power she had; that she was seeing her own life, as directed by her.

Then Jamey came out with the grey-haired wig on:

“Hi Sally, it’s me- ‘Grandpa, Grandpa’!”

he looked over to us and we giggled, as he continued:

“I like to play with your Barbies too!’

Sally didn’t move.

I decided to coach her a bit:

“Sally? If that’s right, then you “ding”, if it’s wrong, you want to “honk”…

Did your grandpa like to play with your Barbies too?”

She looked at me questioningly, shrugged her little shoulders and said:

“I don’t know…. I never met him”

That’s when it all became so clear.

Sally was depending on us to show her what her grandpa was like BEFORE he died; she wanted us to TEACH her about him, about her family. Her grandpa’s spirit is what she was looking for, and suddenly our grandpa scene went from being something just for entertainment to being extremely important and responsible work.

All of the adults in the room did their best to hide their instant tears, including us on stage.

Jamey, being a professional, quickly recovered, and engaged Kelly in a scene where Sally and her grandpa had a wonderful time playing together, and going on an adventure. She also learned that whenever Sally wanted to, she could use her imagination to play with her grandpa, and she can know that he loves her very much, even if he can’t be with her now because he died.

When the scene was over, Sally bounded off the stage, happy and confident that her grandpa loved her, the other kids applauded wildly for the great adventure scene with “Grandpa, Grandpa”, and the adults all took very, very, deep breaths, and passed tissues to each other.

We continued with the shows, the tours, the many, many biography games, but none of us will ever forget little Sally and her “Grandpa, who died”. It was a silly, low-paying job with long hours, but that day, we were more than actors-

we were an important part of a little girl’s growth.

I wonder if Sally still thinks of him?

We do.

Dedicated to every member of Freestyle Repertory Theatre, and all children’s performers; It can be a really rough, disrespected gig, but it’s days like this that make it worth it, huh? I’m proud of you!

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Most people won’t “get it”.

Converting an indian to christianity, Religion and Ignorance

So, apparently, no one can tell if this is just brilliant acting, or seriously messed up kids.
Unfortunately, I think it’s the latter:

The question becomes: How does ignorance play a part in Religion?
What if the answer is that Religion RELIES on ignorance? That Religion cannot exist without Ignorance?
My favorite moment is at 8:57 when Sara just makes a decision for them…

The Racism Experiment

So, I had heard about this experiment, and read about it in a lot of the Positive mental attitude books I read. You can see me read some of them here: http://YouTube.com/AsaBones 
I often read about how beliefs can trigger certain behaviors in people, and in ourselves, and how your thoughts govern the way you live life…. this is a frightening example. WELL WORTH THE WHOLE THING.

So, in what ways do you think YOUR beliefs are affecting the way you treat other people?
What about the way you treat yourself? Here’s a great video on the power of belief.

The Trainer Dilemma

I didn’t mean for this video to be so long, and I didn’t mean to make it the main video on the website, but some people told me they really liked it, so I put it up:

The question is “Is your Trainer lying To You”?

If you are working out with a trainer, you might want to watch this and decide for yourself.


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Bob Greene’s Best Life…

ANOTHER Weight loss show…

You might think that I didn’t bother watching it, but I did-

I wanted to know what ELSE I couldn’t eat this year- but I was glad to see that I already don’t eat the top ten worst foods, so…. there- done.

BUT- I watched it because I REALLY wanted to see what the “new” bodies looked like.

I have to admit, I like the “train wreck” part of these shows, where you see just how HUGE some of the women are, and then when they come out looking all cute, you KNOW that they’re suddenly looking for some sex… I’m just saying- they probably are.

I would!

The short one was super-cute- the one who lost 137 pounds (ok, ok, so now she needs a little dental work), and one of them came out showing off her arms just sending out the signal:

“Now that I’m thin, I wanna get some”

That’s the point of these weight loss shows, right?

Get thin, and get some action- now THAT’S a “Best Life”!!!


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A Mish-Mosh Show…

So, Oprah opened up her Leadership Academy For Girls in South Africa- how awesome is THAT? I hear that some people are mad that she did that out there instead of opening one here in America.

Those people are morons.

Actually, more to the point, those people want Oprah to do for THEM instead of doing for who OPRAH wants to do for- to those people I say- Shut up, stop begging, and open your own damn school.

Also, Forrest Whitaker talked about winning the Golden Globe. He was cool- Shifty eye and everything!

Simon Cowell is awesome- he just tells it as he sees it, and I have never had a problem with him. He’s now created a slew of reality shows, and the people are eating them up- good for him!
Everytime I see a new “contestant show”, they try to make one of the judges an asshole- but that’s NOT what he’s doing. He’s just telling it as HE sees it- and in my opinion, he’s right.

In “Jenna’s American Sex Star Search”- or whatever it’s called (Let’s just say “American Sex Idol”), they have Ed Powers there being mean, but that’s just an act. That’s dumb.

Next, Felicity Huffman was there promoting her new book- ANOTHER book about how men should cater and beg for women…. at least, that’s what I heard!
She says we should be more like boyfriends….. I dunno about you, but “being a boyfriend” means keeping my options open! Hell, if I knew that she wanted a BOYFRIEND instead of a husband, I’d sure as HELL not wear my wedding ring at the gym! But I guess it’s too late, I’m already in love with my wife….. damn.

Speaking of in love, Eva Longoria is a SUPER-CUTEY!
Felicity says all the guys were drooling all over Eva, and not paying attention to her,

Then came Rachel Roy with her trench coat and lisp…. I dunno which one was more distracting, but it’s a good thing she was pretty- and the clothes were pretty too-
that skinny blonde came out like 4 times, and the older woman with the grey hair had a little SWING in her step- all right GMILF!!!

That’s right, I said it.

So, we’d all like to work at Google- great. ANOTHER reason to suckle at their teet!

Next time- Kidnapped kids… I have a feeling I’m gonna break down on THAT one….


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Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby…

Let me just say this:

There is NO PUNISHMENT cruel enough or unusual enough for someone who commits these crimes.

Look, I DO have sympathy for pedophiles who are sick and hate themselves while they jack off in the closet. What is completely and totally unacceptable is the one who ACTS, and destroys someone’s life.

And not just the kids’ lives.

The parents whose lives are completely turned upside down, and the community that adds ANOTHER point of mistrust to each other, ANOTHER pointof fear, ANOTHER point of lonliness.

Someone gets a lot of jail time for stealing money, jewelry, or a car-

How much should they get for stealing FOUR YEARS?


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Elizabeth Vargas and Can Women Have It All?

Lemme get this straight- Elizabeth Vargas was pregnant, and her co-anchor just got BLOWN UP for following the news…..


If I were her husband, I would have knocked her up TWICE just to keep her home instead of going off to places to get BLOWN UP!

But the question is bigger than her, right? CAN women be mothers and pursue careers at the same time?

Single moms don’t have much choice, do they- but:

Are working moms self-centered, wanna-be men, procreators who don’t REALLY love their kids?

Are Stay-At-Home moms useless throw-backs with no lives who are holding their gender back and can be replaced by minimum-wage immigrants?

Seems like a no-win situation- Unless you DON’T CARE what other people think.

But I have the solution: DON’T HAVE KIDS!! THAT’S THE SOLUTION!!!!!

Just imagine how COOOOOOL everything would be if there were no kids:

Rap Music wouldn’t need those parental advisory stickers!
Disneyworld would be like VEGAS!
Porn would be on BROADCAST TV!

Ok, ok- if you’ve seen CHILDREN OF MEN, you know that a world with no kids would be DEPRESSING. So, I’m just kidding.

Here’s my take:

A Great deal of people are working because they NEED THE MONEY.

If a family doesn’t need the money, then have someone stay home- mom or dad.
If you do- then someone has to work, right?

Who knows what’s better? There will NEVER be a “right” answer, so YOU must choose what’s right for you.


I say we let everyone make their choice, and help them however we can.


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Gary Zukav on Relationships

5 words that describe my marriage?


Whew- made it over that hurdle- but really, is there a word missing? Yes.

Pornographically filthy.

I’m working on that one… and I have a feeling most guys are too.
Let me know how that’s going.


Can Gary Zukav be any MORE “out there”? Did ANYONE know what the hell he’s talking about? I’ve actually read “Seat of the Soul”, and I had to put it down- I almost NEVER do that, but he is so “Airy-fairy”, that Oprah had to keep bringing him down to Earth. She had to keep “translating” his jargon into real-people speak.

Wait a sec- he was a green beret?

Look, I get it- having a partnership that helps you “grow” in the direction you want- great.

THAT’S a spiritual partnership, and isn’t that great.

“Sheila and Jake” were SO BRAVE to get on TV and say all those things, and they obviously love each other: “I would endure anything to hold on”- they were both TERRIFIED of losing each other, so they hurt each other which does what?

Pushes each other away!

It’s so hard to get out of that cycle, and Oprah was SO great by translating and helping them.

But I got a message for Jake:

You pussied out, man!

When Sheila said “I just want him to tell me he loves me”, he could have- on National TV in front of women around the world- just turned and said “I love you Sheila”

And BOOM- that wouldda done it.

And even if they DID end up apart, with all the women who saw him do that on Oprah, he’d have had dates for the rest of his life!!!

Lisa and Alistair- She’s just fighting so they have something to talk about!

Chris and Lisa- Chris justs wants to get the same attention that the spreadsheets get! Chris isn’t interested in a “Spiritual Partnership”- he wants to HAVE FUN!!!

Can you blame him? SPREADSHEETS for MEALS????

So, after all of his “Airy-Fairy”ness, Zukav WAS pretty helpful to each of the couples- WITH OPRAH TRANSLATING. As for the “spiritual partnership”….. meh.

I saw the “After the Show” segment, and I now think he’s full of it.
More than that- I think he’s a feminized pansy.

A couple asked the question: “How much is enough sex?” and Zukav basically told the man that he was wrong to want more sex than his wife. HE DIDN’T ASK ANY OTHER QUESTION.
Why isn’t SHE wrong for wanting LESS sex than her husband?
That’s it- done with Zukav.


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