Yes! New Official Full-Length Star Trek Trailer!

The New Star Trek Trailer is here!

Not to be confused with the TEASER trailer

This weekend, they released the first 9 minutes of the movie with the IMAX showings of The Hobbit. I haven’t seen the first 9 minutes yet; this weekend we had a bunch of stuff to do and I still haven’t seen The Hobbit. I will have my review of that any day now, but for now…

here’s the New Star Trek Trailer:

It looks like the bad guy is in a Starfleet shirt, and I have been keeping myself away from all of the spoilers because I don’t wanna know! I just bought the Star Trek Comic books for my cousin, and I’ll probably read them before, but I promise not to spill the news!

I don’t know about you, but as the author of Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women, I am super-excited about seeing the new Star Trek movie!

26 Moments that will restore your faith in Humanity

I needed to have Faith In Humanity…

I was still feeling pretty awful as Yesterday’s video showed, but I was glad that other people have found something in it for themselves, and there were a bunch of thoughtful, wonderful emails and comments.

Today I needed to be reminded ho awesome it is to be human because we can CHOOSE to do something else, and we can CHOOSE which side of the spectrum we want our actions to be on.

So, here you have it- 26 moments that will restore your faith in humanity, thanks to the people at BUZZFEED:

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

Sometimes you need a reminder that people can do wonderful things.

1. The parents who made their son’s wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever

The parents who made their son's wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever

2. The terminally ill man who loves receiving mail… and got more than he ever expected

The terminally ill man who loves receiving mail... and got more than he ever expected

Scott Widak has Down syndrome and suffers from liver disease, and he loves receiving mail. His nephew Sean posted his P.O. Box on Reddit and the site’s users responded with hundreds of letters, packages, and gifts.


3. A kind stranger who stopped a day from being ruined

A kind stranger who stopped a day from being ruined

4. The doctor who offered free medical care after Hurricane Sandy

The doctor who offered free medical care after Hurricane Sandy

5. And the people that helped out any way that they could

And the people that helped out any way that they could


Via: @andjustice4some

Hospital employees make a human chain passing containers of fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the backup generator at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.


6. The older couple who saw themselves in two young parents

The older couple who saw themselves in two young parents

7. This Libyan child who doesn’t believe in hate

This Libyan child who doesn't believe in hate

8. The parents who tattooed insulin pumps on their bellies so their diabetic son wouldn’t feel “different”

The parents who tattooed insulin pumps on their bellies so their diabetic son wouldn't feel "different"

9. The police officer who bought shoes for a barefoot homeless man

The police officer who bought shoes for a barefoot homeless man

Jennifer Foster was visiting Times Square on Nov. 14 when she snapped the heartwarming moment. Here’s her account of what happened:

“Right when I was about to approach, one of your officers came up behind him. The officer said, ‘I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you.’ The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man. The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching*. I have been in law enforcement for 17 years. I was never so impressed in my life. I did not get the officer’s name. It is important, I think, for all of us to remember the real reason we are in this line of work. The reminder this officer gave to our profession in his presentation of human kindness has not been lost on myself or any of the Arizona law enforcement officials with whom this story has been shared.”


10. And the police officers who made blind 13-year-old Gage Hancock-Stevens’ dream of being a cop come true

And the police officers who made blind 13-year-old Gage Hancock-Stevens' dream of being a cop come true



They even gave him a cake

They even gave him a cake

11. The Michigan soccer team who gave their team manager with Downs syndrome an opportunity to start

The Michigan soccer team who gave their team manager with Downs syndrome an opportunity to start
Source: Courtney Sacco  /  via:

Source: Courtney Sacco  /  via:

Source: Courtney Sacco  /  via:

12. The Texas A&M students that blocked Westboro Baptist Church protesters with a human wall

The Texas A&M students that blocked Westboro Baptist Church protesters with a human wall

When students heard that Westboro Baptist Church planned on protesting the funeral of a soldier, they formed a human barricade around the funeral service to block them out.

13. And this brave kid who stood up against hate

And this brave kid who stood up against hate


14. The woman who kept a homeless man dry during a downpour

The woman who kept a homeless man dry during a downpour

15. The Disney security guard who is amazing at his job

The Disney security guard who is amazing at his job

16. The Icelandic heroes who rescued sheep during a major snowstorm

The Icelandic heroes who rescued sheep during a major snowstorm


17. The quick-thinking little girl who saved her mom’s life by slapping her with a piece of pizza

18. The young girl who loves her dog unconditionally

The young girl who loves her dog unconditionally
Source:  /  via:

19. The famous rugby player who visited his biggest fan in the hospital

The famous rugby player who visited his biggest fan in the hospital

20. The bros who worked together to save a cat

The bros who worked together to save a cat

21. The community that came together to make Caine’s dream a reality

The community that came together to make Caine's dream a reality

You can watch the full story here.

22. The football star who gives children in need a shopping spree each year

The football star who gives children in need a shopping spree each year

This is a receipt for $19,000 in toys.

23. The man who comforts the old dog that saved his life

The man who comforts the old dog that saved his life

When John Unger had suicidal thoughts after a breakup, it was his dog Shoep who brought him back from the brink. This photograph shows Unger cradling his friend in lake Superior to soothe the dog’s arthritis.

Source:  /  via:

24. These candidates for parents of the year

These candidates for parents of the year

25. The amazing couple who stuck together through unbelievable odds

The amazing couple who stuck together through unbelievable odds

26. And every single time anything like this happened.

And every single time anything like this happened.

Faith in Humanity restored.

But we still have to do something about the gun thing….

Newtown Massacre and its opposite

Newtown Massacre Upset me a lot.

A lone gunman killed 26 people at an elementary school

While the Newtown Massacre was happening this morning…

I was being a brontosaurus, falling into an audience of kindergarteners, and first and second graders just to make them laugh. I had complained when I had to wake up at 5am this morning to get into a van and drive for two hours to do 2 shows. I was complaining because it felt so early to go make kids laugh and clap and have a great time while learning about things like teamwork and cooperation.

I don’t think the guy who committed the Newtown Massacre was complaining. I imagine that he was preparing to make his big statement, and do the OPPOSITE of what I was going to do that day.

He was busy preparing to destroy hundreds of lives in Newtown, and no matter how many times we hear about these shooting sprees, see them, and cry about them, they keep happening.

I consider myself a tough guy, but I just lost it over this one, and I don’t know why. Maybe the Newtown Massacre was the last straw. Anyway, I grabbed a camera because I wanted to remember how I felt and what I was thinking:

Newtown Massacre and My Tears

I hope I see this in the future, and realize that this event is what changed everything. Then it might all be worth it.

The strange thing is that all morning, I was singing a song by my friend Joel Henry Stein that is all about peace called “This Xmas”. One of the lines is “What I want this Christmas, is write ‘Peace’ on Santa’s Wish List”. Later on he says “And you may say that the time will come, but it can never be now… and you may say you want it too, but you just don’t know how….”

Well, what are we gonna do now?

What is the OPPOSITE of this tragedy, and how can we do MORE OF THAT?

I Love My Cousin

Bones Rodriguez- I love my cousin

I Love my Cousin Mark- I’m the baby!

Is there a reason I love my cousin?

I went ice skating the other day in Bryant Park here in New York City. It was a friends’ birthday, and she thought it might be fun to go ice skating, since it was free-

-except for the skate rental, hot chocolate, and lock for the lockers.

But that’s cool- I am proud to live in a socialist city like that, where parts are free, and parts are for pay- it makes a profit every year- and it’s FREE!

Well, as we saw the VERY long line to get in, I walked around the rink just to see if we could find our friend skating around.

That’s when I saw them.

There were two little guys, about 7 or 8 skating together, and they kinda looked like each other, so I assume they were brothers. The bigger one was helping the smaller one keep his balance, but the bigger one was pretty wobbly too. You could tell he was just trying to “be there” for the little guy as he held the railing along the outside.

As they gripped the handrails, and carefully put one foot in front of the other, I remarked “Wow, it must be great to have a big brother to help you out like that, huh?”

Well, the bigger kid looked at me as if I had said the silliest thing in the world:

“He’s my cousin.”

And that’s all he said.

He said it like “Duh, I love my cousin, and he needs help, so this is what I’m doing- THIS IS WHAT COUSINS DO…”

Well, I suddenly had the biggest lump in my throat as they just continued on with this ice skating thing, totally ignoring the (dashing) older man with the ridiculous observation.

I was reminded of my own cousin Mark.

I love my cousin Mark.

He’s my only first cousin; he’s taller, older, better-and-younger looking, he’s a lawyer, and taught me to like Star Trek and Prince. He was who I got to play with when we had family dinners,  and now that we’re older we still sit next to each other and talk and laugh about… Star Trek, and Prince.

…and maybe the hottest girl on whatever show.

He recently got married, and I got to be his best man. I got to do a best man speech for him, and everyone knows I love my cousin Mark.

You probably have a cousin who is instantly your friend. Sure, you might disagree on things (like him not liking J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek), but just because you are family, you’re friends.

And it’s not like your Toy-and-Parental-Attention-Stealing siblings.

Why do I Love My Cousin? I’ve never heard of “Cousin Rivalry” have you?

I remember a time when Mark and I both slept over at our grandmas house, and we were small enough to be in the same bed. I wanted to sleep under the covers, but he was terrified that there would be no air and I would suffocate on his watch, so after a long debate (I love my cousin- he’s always been a lawyer), we settled on my sleeping under the covers that were knit with holes in them.

When I was really sick for months with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, he came to see me, which could not have been very easy. I needed someone to play with while I was recovering, and he took a shot (in his butt!) so he could be around me- And this was in his early teens; there must have been more exciting things to do than be around your sick cousin… BUT THAT’S WHAT COUSINS DO.

I love my cousin, so it’s easy for me to do stuff for him and with him too.  I’m sure there’s a cousin that you feel the same way about. It’s fun to talk about the same old things, new things, and the new things about the old things. Now our conversations are about being married, and our parents lives changing. Maybe we’ll be talking about being parents ourselves and having our kids play together (note to Mom and Aunt Lee-Lee: please don’t get too excited). Who knows?

Your cousin might be older, younger, close, or far, but you know that at times like the Holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals, or any other special occasions, you remember your cousins. There’s something about the “kids of your parent’s brothers and sisters” that just brings them close enough without all the headaches.

Sure, they’re crazy, and maybe they come from “that” part of town. Maybe they’re constantly going into business and want you to work with them, or want you to buy their thing, or to vote for their crazy candidate; But you know that when the time comes, they’ll say “I love my cousin”, and they’ll claim you as their own.

You can trust your cousin.

There might even be a time when you feel like you’re on shaky footing, and the ice may be thin and slippery, but if you’re lucky to have a cousin like mine, you know that they won’t let you slip and fall through.

And if you’re REALLY lucky, they know that about you too.

Share this with someone if you know what I mean by I love My Cousin

Your 2012 Review…on facebook?

Bones Rodriguez in 2012

How would you do a 2012 review? According to Facebook….

A cool new facebook app is aggregating some of your most popular posts and making a 2012 Review of YOUR year!

It’s an interesting way to look at the year, because we might have a tendency to share things we feel are important, but then again, maybe it’s just a snapshot of things that OTHER people founf important.

I have a tendency to not share things that are upsetting to me, or challenges I’ve had this year, and those things are even less likely to be shared or “liked” by other people.

On occassion I’ll see that spmeone is posting that they are having a hard time, and other people might send them encouraging messages, but that’s not me… at least not in 2012.

Is your 2012 review on facebook just your “pretty face”?

Maybe the next time I’m going through something, instead of keeping the smile on in the virtual world, I’ll say what I really feel. The truth is that would probably take more courage than I have, and I would hate to upset any friends or family… or my wife! I guess they might say “Wow! If Bones is feeling this bad enough that he’s sharing on facebook, things must be AWFUL!”.

I don’t think I’d want to do that to people…

Yeah… so THAT’S why I don’t reveal my innermost demons… to save OTHER people :-D

My 2012 review had a bunch of cool pictures of the year- things I had forgotten about, and things that were more popular than I thought. Since the years go by even faster (It’s Christmas already?), maybe this tool will be a great way to think about what’s in store for 2013.

I think I’m going to have a whole different financial experience this year since I started Empower Network, so I’m looking forward to that!

Anyway, try it out:

YOUR 2012 Review

What Guys WISH women (like you) would do…

Just another Male Fantasy for me…

I think I saw this video years ago, but I just saw it again recently, and think it’s hilarious… except that I find every woman in this video EXTREMELY sexy!


Do guys fantasize about aggressive women? Some do. I guess it’s not the aggressiveness, but more the confidence the women in this video show that I find attractive.

Some guys would be very turned off by this, and I’d say mostly it’s because they feel threatened, or just “out manned” y’know? Well, sign me up for this ANY day!

And here’s part 2: Dating!

I often wonder what it would be like if I were out dating again, but I think I’d want to do it in this universe instead!

Bones Voiceover: Scooby Doo Board Game (Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles)

Scooby Goo Haunted House Game

Just in case you see it- “Bones Did a voice-over for that!”

Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles are very popular…

Because they kinda combine Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters! Actually, now that I think about it, Scooby Doo was pretty much an ORIGINAL Ghostbuster… but in the talking-Dog form.

Anyway, I did a voice over job for this Scooby Doo board game, and it’s very popular on YouTube:

Bones Narrates Scooby Doo

“Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles?”

When I looked up why the video was so popular, the words “Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles” came up (excuse me, but shouldn’t it be Scooby DOO?). As I looked at the toy, I was like “But that’s not what I’m advertising!”. In fact. I thought that it was popular just because I do such a great job in it (can you hear that end? I am super-proud of that!).

Unfortunately, my popularity has nothing to do with me, and only the popularity of Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles… not even the board game!

HOWEVER, if you ask me, the Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles set is kinda pricey- $37 for some plastic toys? Man, I’m sure glad I Make Money By Blogging now and not by working at a job- I might have to get two jobs if toys always cost that much!

So, if your kids are into the Scooby Goo action figures and vehicles…

or more correctly, Scooby DOO stuff, then maybe you oughtta look into making money another way too!

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Oh! I’m learning How To Make Money By Blogging…? Oh!

I always wanted to know How To Make Money By Blogging…

But figured the money was too small… gee look- I got 50 cents from some people clicking my ads… great…

But I joined the Empower Network because I had seen it as an affiliate marketing website, that had a great commission structure, and fantastic tools. BUT-

I totally didn’t understand what was going on here.

The Empower Network is a BLOGGING platform, and so we are just using it the way other bloggers make money by blogging– by getting traffic to it, and hoping that people click on their links, or buy whatever it is they sell.

The thing is, ONE of the things we can choose to sell on our blog is the BLOGGING SYSTEM and the MARKETING education… and it’s RESIDUAL And pays REALLY WELL.

See, I have a few friends who write, and they post to blogs, and they write some really cool stuff all in the hopes that someone is reading it. They hope that people pass around their posts, and “Hey- wouldn’t it be GREAT if someone actually clicked on the Adsense links I have there and bought something every once in a while?”

Well sure- and they’d make a few cents, but hopefully a post or two go crazy, and they get a lot of clicks. But here’s the thing- with Empower Network, they can actually earn a TON of money because of the way the system is all set up!

PLUS, it’ll teach them HOW to get eyeballs on the blog!

Oh! It really IS How To Make Money By Blogging!

So, if I like making stupid videos (and I do!), and I like writing stuff (and I do!), then why not just use the Empower Network Blog, and use the education to make it popular (which I want anyway), and then actually create some GANGSTA money doing it? Duh! This thing is brilliant.

I didn’t get that until just now. JUST NOW.

So, all this time I’ve been writing blogs, not realizing that I was actually going to Make Money By Blogging instead of just blogging and “hoping”… like this guy:

So, Let’s get to the content!

Wanna Punch in Da Nose?

“Wanna punch in da nose?”

That’s what the guy asked me. He was at least 6′ 4″, and
I could tell he meant it, and was waiting for an answer.

Thing is, before he asked me that, I thought we were getting
along really well. I was asking him about spiritual practices,
and how I could make more money come into my life.

Even though I’m an actor, I learned that you oughtta get some
sales skills if you want to be a rich and successful person.
Not that I wanted to be a salesman, but let’s face it- when
we were kids, we did a good sales job on our parents around
Christmas time, right?

I REALLY NEEDED that G.I. Joe Jet Plane with the ejectable seat.

So when I asked this 6′ 4″ guy for some of his advice on
how to make better sales, and how to make more money come
into my life, I was surprised by his answer.

“Wanna punch in da nose?”

“Um…. no?” I said, unsure of my feelings on the matter.

“Well then don’t give one” he said.

I didn’t get it. I had no intention of giving anyone a
punch in da nose, much less this guy who was towering over me.

“If you want something, you gotta give it first.” he said,
“If you want a punch in da nose, you should give one to someone.
If you want more money, you should give some to someone.”

Oh, I get it. The old “Tithe and Get Rich” idea. The math I
was taught in school didn’t really jibe with that idea. The
way I see it, if you have two apples, and you gave away one,
you only had one apple left.

“I can see you’re skeptical” he said “I was too- but then
I tried it- Why don’t you try it?”

I thought about it. What did I have to lose?

So I punched him in da nose.

and he punched me back.

I was convinced that the principle worked!
We both had sore faces, and I learned a lesson.

See, what the math I learned in school didn’t take
into account was the other things that happen when
you give away the apple.

Sure, when I gave away one of the two apples I had,
I ended up with only one apple, but I ALSO ended up with
something more valuable- a GRATEFUL FRIEND.

Unless the friend didn’t want an apple to begin with.

So, here’s what I took away from this now very long story:

When you want something, you have to give it away-

When you give away the awesome opportunity we have,
sometimes in our enthusiasm we’ll give it to people
who don’t want it- people who are happy being where they are.

However, if you give it to someone who WANTS it, two things

1- You’ll see that giving it away doesn’t take from your own
supply of it, and
2- You’ll gain a GRATEFUL FRIEND.

Sounds like a bargain when you think about it like that, doesn’t it?

Give it away, feel good, make friends. Or, put another way:

Create Wealth
Have Fun
Help Others


Abraham Lincoln and Failure

In business, we are constantly looking for leaders. One of the characteristics of leadership is to keep going with your mission after a failure. Since you have been in this business for three weeks, you must have had a failure by now.

Did you quit because of it already?

How about when you first fell from walking? Did you quit then?

The PRIZE in MLM is so much more than the PRICE, it’s silly.

Again, I’m a big fan of Abraham Lincoln; here are some quotes:
“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”

“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

“I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.”

Many of our leaders are constantly talking about how personal development has helped them become the people they are and helped them achieve the success they’ve had. I admit that I am junkie when it comes to personal development recordings and books too. Reading about the great leaders of the past, and what they went through inspires me to keep going; it will help you too. Here is Abraham Lincoln’s Resume:

Lost job in 1832.
Defeated for state legislature in 1832.
Failed in business in 1833.
Elected to state legislature in 1834.
Sweetheart died in 1835.
Had nervous breakdown in 1836.
Defeated for Speaker in 1838.
Defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843.
Elected to Congress in 1846.
Lost renomination in 1848.
Rejected for land officer in 1849.
Defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854.
Defeated for nomination for Vice President in 1856.
Again defeated for U.S. Senate in 1858.

Elected President in 1860.

“My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.”- Abraham Lincoln.


Create Wealth
Have Fun
Help Others